Specializing in the Special Olympics

- George Srour has been helping special athletes reach their goals for years, but many people would consider the Indianapolis teen pretty special himself. Now 17 years old, Srour has volunteered with Special Olympics since he was 10 years old, and can cite many special

Strength Training

- Ever been bummed out because you're not as skinny as Brittany Murphy? Are you absolutely certain that you could be as beautiful as Sarah Michelle Gellar if only you ate less, worked out more, or just plain tried harder? Regina, 16, knows how you

Talkin’ Smack

- When Rachel was hospitalized last fall with a thyroid problem, she discovered she had more than homework to deal with when she went back to school.Everyone was saying all kinds of stuff about me,says Rachel, 16.Some people were saying I was in the hospital

The ABCD of LGBT Dating

- Dating is tough stuff for any teen, and being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) can add to the challenge. Should you beoutas a couple? How do you deal with other people's reactions? But first things first — how do you find other LGBT

The Fine Art of Flirting

- Everyone knows that you like him … your best friend, your next-door neighbor, the cutie who works at the pizza place. Everyone knows that you have a crush on the shy senior with the tortoiseshell glasses … everyone but him, that is! Although you

The Green Team

- Have you ever wanted to make a difference in your neighborhood but just weren't sure how? Check out this group of New York City high school students in Harlem who transformed a vacant lot filled with garbage and weeds into a beautiful garden. Last

The Holiday Blues

- Every Christmas, Thanksgiving — even Fourth of July — Tiffany gets sad. She used to have fun during the holidays. She would travel with her mother, stepfather, and brother to her grandparents' house.It used to be fun,she remembers. But now her mom and her

The Low-Down on Learning Disabilities

- Jeremy had never been a bad kid, but during the seventh grade, his parents and teachers noticed he was acting up a lot and his grades didn't reflect the hours he spent on homework.Problem solving was really difficult for me,Jeremy says.It was simple for

The New Armchair Athletes

- Olympic hopefuls. No matter the sport, the preparation, drive, and dreams are the same: to one day experience the thrill of victory at the Olympic Games. Only the best of the best can be Olympians — the world's greatest ice skaters, gymnasts, skiers, computer

The Price of a Perfect Tan

- You walk into a salon expecting to come out with a healthy and sexy look. What you get instead is damage to your body that can be both deadly and unattractive. Sound like a scene from a twisted nightmare? Unfortunately, the scenario is