When you aren’t sure exactly what to buy somebody, a gift card is a nice way to give them a little more choice, without just handing over cash. Some people feel a little weird about giving cash as a gift, some prefer cash because it’s even more practical than a gift card.

With cash, they can get whatever they want, for even put it towards something else like a debt, or bills, or a school trip, or whatever. If someone’s a bit short on cash, sometimes a few extra bucks that they can put towards whatever they want is the most useful gift, even if it feels a bit less personal. Gifts are all about the recipient, right? 

None the less, if you have your heart set of giving a gift card for teens, here are some good choices. 

Department Stores

Gift cards to department stores will give the recipient a lot of stuff to choose from. Whether they want electronics, clothing, supplies for a hobby, or something else – there’s a good chance that a large department store will have something they’ll love.

Even a card for a grocery store, or somewhere like Wal-Mart can open up a lot of options of different things they can buy, from planning a party and getting snacks, to picking out a new outfit, toys, games, and just about anything else a teenager could want.

Even if department stores aren’t as popular as they used to be, most of them still have websites where your giftcard recipient can shop to find all sorts of great gifts for themselves, without even having to step foot in the store.

Multi-Purpose Gift Cards

Some gift cards these days will have a handful of different stores that they can be used at. There are some combo gift cards for teenage girls, and combo gift cards for teenage boys available. They do something similar with restaurant cards now, too. Instead of having one card for each restaurant, some brands have started selling a single gift card that can be used at a handful of different places. 

A Gift Card With a Promise

A gift card to see a movie, or for concert tickets, or that can be put towards another type of event or experience is a great option. Not only are you giving them the gift, but you’re making time to enjoy it with them, too. If a gift card feels a little impersonal to you, then buying a gift card for something that you can enjoy with the recipient is a good solution to that. 

Visa/Mastercard GC

A Visa gift card for teenager use, or a Mastercard, is an okay alternative to cash if you’re that opposed to just giving money, but keep in mind these cards often have additional fees associated with them, can expire, and so on… if you’re at the point of wanting to give a gift card and you’re looking at these, however, consider some cash in a thoughtful card. The card will cost as much as the credit card gift card fees likely will, and it’s easier and more versatile. 

Other Things to Consider

Having a little something to unwrap can still be fun, even if it’s just something small and fun, or a bit of candy. For a couple of bucks on top of the cost of the gift card, you can get a small gift and a gift bag, just for the sake of having a little something to unwrap and not just handing them a gift card on its own.

At the end of the day, the less you know exactly what they’d like to receive, the broader of a gift card you should buy. If you know someone loves to cook or bake, then a gift card for a kitchen store is great. If you know they love to play sports, then a card for a sports equipment store is great. If you aren’t really sure what they’re into, however, then a Visa/MasterCard gift, or a GC for a mall or department store is probably your best bet.

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Sara Dylan

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