24 Hobbies for Teen Girls to Stay Busy and Happy

Sometimes, it’s okay to become a little bit obsessed with something. Having a passion, or a hobby that can blossom into a passion over time, is a huge part of becoming an interesting person.

We’ve looked over some of the other articles about hobbies for teenage girls on the internet, and if you’re here, you’ve probably seen some of them, too.

One site seriously suggested playing Candy Crush as an idea for teenage girls that are looking for hobbies. Seriously? What are these sites thinking? Anyways, we’re going to be a lot more creative and interesting than that, so don’t worry!

There’s a difference between things to do when you’re bored, and an actual hobby. There’s a lot more depth to a hobby, a lot more to explore and obsess over and learn about. Making a tie-dye shirt isn’t a “hobby” per se, but getting really good at tie-dye, diligently working to improve over time and enjoying the process, that can be a hobby.

Hobbies allow you to really dive in and focus on something, and to see yourself grow and progress over time. It’s so rewarding, valuable, and a great way to keep yourself busy so you’re never sitting around feeling bored.

Hobbies can even lead you towards a career eventually, and that’ll end up being a job that you love so much more than some random job that you’re forced to do to survive. A hobby that you can turn into a job or a small business can help you find a lot of purpose in life, and to simply enjoy your day to day a lot more.

But enough about work and careers, let’s talk about fun hobbies for teen girls that will improve your mood, help you feel productive, help you focus in all areas of live, and quite simply enrich your life.

Someone who is passionate about their hobby is always one of the most interesting people to talk to and get to know, and hobbies help you keep these types of people consistently.

You can also check out hobbies for teen boys. And, of course, it should go without saying that girls can enjoy all of the boy hobbies, and boys can enjoy all of these hobbies for girls.

24 Hobbies for Teen Girls

If you need some ideas of hobbies for teen girls, here are a ton of hobbies that you can choose from. Hopefully, this list gives you some ideas and inspiration for teen hobbies for girls, and the skills and qualities that they help to build.

1. Starting an Online Community

starting a community

Skills: People skills, communication, community-building.

This can be a very rewarding experience for teens who are interested in leadership, interpersonal skills, and have a hobby or interest they love to share with other people.

Starting an online community requires a lot of hard work, thoughtfulness, and the ability to accept feedback and criticism.

2. Blogging or Vlogging

teen girl vlogging

Skills: Learning skills like video editing, writing, building confidence on camera.

Starting a blog (text) or a vlog (video) can be a fun way to express yourself.

Make sure you learn and follow all of the best practices for keeping yourself safe online, protecting your privacy, and so on. It’s very important, especially if your vlog starts to gain traction!

One of the most desired jobs for teens these days is to become an influencer, but the best route is to just find something you enjoy creating and share it with the world.

3. Learning to Create Music

teen girl hobby making music

Skills: Music theory, patience, rhythm.

Creating music, whether you’re doing it on the computer fully digitally, or singing over existing beats and music, or playing an instrument, is a really fun and rewarding hobby.

Music is a great way to meet people, and can lead to all sorts of fun opportunities. Joining band in high school with a background in music will also give you a huge leg-up, if you aspire to join band, or even start a band with some friends in the garage.

4. Coding

teen girl coding hobby

Skills: Logic, analytical thinking, problem-solving.

Writing code and developing software is rapidly becoming one of the smartest career paths in our world. While we’ll always need doctors, lawyers, front-line workers, and so on – there are a lot of well-paying coding jobs and it’s a skill you can learn and develop during your free time.

If you enjoy math, problem-solving, and making things then coding could be an excellent hobby that opens the door for all sorts of fun, interesting, and rewarding careers later in life.

5. Become a Photographer

photography as a hobby

Skills: Composition, lighting, design, editing.

Seeing something that looks nice, and capturing it on a camera in a way that preserves it, or changes it into something even more captivating, is a true skill.

Photography can be a super fun hobby because it allows you to capture a moment in time, and preserve it, and you get to decide how it is seen by other people.

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to photography, and one of the most important things is lighting. You’ll get better and better as you go, and these are great skills to have – even if it’s just a hobby, your selfie game will be next-level after learning some photography skills.

6. Learn Graphic Design

graphic design hobby for teen girls

Skills: Color theory, aesthetics, style, design.

Graphic design is another field that has a lot of demand, but we’re not here to talk only about jobs and careers, this is about finding a hobby to keep you busy, entertained, challenged, and stimulated.

When you learn to harness a tool like Photoshop or any other graphic design software, you’re unlocking the ability to create just about anything you can imagine.

Whether you end up using this to keep your profiles on point on social media, or you work towards larger projects, if you have any interested in graphic design then this is a fun hobby for teenage girls to pursuit.

7. Paint Pictures

paint a picture

Skills: Composition, dexterity, creativity.

Painting pictures is a great hobby for teens because it’s a fantastic outlet for creativity, and you can do things in your own style. You could start by trying to re-create paintings or art that you enjoy, just to learn the fundamentals, and soon you’ll have the skills necessary to make your very own art.

Imagine being able to visualize something in your head, then having the skills to put it onto a canvas and have it turn out how you imagined. This is possible, it will just take some practice.

8. Get Involved in Team Sports

team sports hobby

Skills: Teamwork, communication, athletics.

Team sports are a great way to meet people. Some teen girls like hobbies where they can keep to themselves and have it be a personal space for them, whereas others like hobbies that get them out of the house and meeting people.

If you want a hobby that will help you meet people, get to know them, and build strong bonds by overcoming challenges and adversity, then playing some organized team sports or low-organized sports is a great hobby for girls.

9. Mountain Biking

team sports hobby 1

Skills: Exercise, navigation, being in nature.

Mountain biking can be incredibly fun. Going through paths, over and around obstacles, and being able to handle a variety of terrain is just a blast.

If you’re uncomfortable riding a bike in traffic but you still want the physical and mental benefits of peddling around, then consider picking up mountain biking as a hobby.

10. Candy-Making

candy making hobby for teenage girls

Skills: Baking, cooking, science.

Do this one at your own risk. Anyone who lives in your household and is trying to avoid sweets may end up resenting you (Even if they secretly love having all sorts of tasty and unique candies around the house!)

Candy-making can be anything from hard candies, to toffee and fudge, and more. It goes hand-in-hand with baking and other styles of desserts, but has its own precise steps to take, tools that are needed, and it offers tons of room to master things while being very rewarding along the way which is a great trait for a hobby.

11. Grow Flowers

growing flowers

Skills: Botany, horticulture, style & design.

Growing flowers is a very fun hobby for teenage girls! If you choose flowers that are native to your region, they should grow very easily and it won’t be hard to come across some seeds or bulbs, or seedlings, at your local garden center.

If you have neighbors with some flowers, they might even be willing to give you a few to get your flower garden started.

It takes care, patience, and it can take months of work for them to bloom but when you notice one of your flowers blooming – it’s hard to describe – it just feels great! Those few moments of smelling the flowers and enjoying them are worth the wait and the effort.

12. Grow Fruits and Vegetables

teen girl gardening hobby

Skills: Botany, horticulture, problem-solving.

Growing fruits and veggies is a very rewarding hobby for teen girls. If you’re not a huge fan of cooking, growing your own ingredients could be what it takes to unlock a new passion for you. Gardening and growing food teaches patience, resilience, experimentation, and delayed gratification.

There’s something about the amount of work and effort that you put into it that makes it taste at least a little better, and usually much better.

13. Make Jellies and Jams With Fruits You Grow

making jam and jelly teenage daughter

Skills: Cooking, canning.

If you end up growing some fruits, then making jellies and jams is a great way to make them last. When it’s time to harvest, you’ll have more berries or fruits than you know what to do with so learning to make jelly, jam, or other ways to preserve them (freezing) is super useful.

Also, you can give lots of fresh fruits and berries to your friends, along with jars of jelly and jam that you make. It’s extra special when it comes from the garden, but you can get your ingredients from the supermarket or local farmer’s market so that you don’t have to wait months to get started.

14. Play Frisbee Golf

frisbee golf 1

Skills: Athletics, aim, strategy.

Frisbee Golf is a really fun sport that’s easy to jump into, but can take years and years to master. It’s fun to play with a group of people, and any teams or meetups you find will usually be filled with chill, friendly people.

15. Find a Club at School to Join

teen clubs for girls

Skills: Social skills, varies depending on which hobby you choose.

If you can’t think of any ideas for a hobby for teenage girls and nothing on this list has caught your attention yet, consider looking at which types of clubs exist at your school, or at your local community clubs.

If you have any friends who are involved in activities or hobbies, that can also be a good place to start. It might not be your first choice for a hobby, but at least you’ll know someone there and feel more comfortable at first.

Try things, you never know what you’ll end up enjoying, there are tons of fun hobbies for women to explore.

16. Learn to Dance

dance class

Skills: Fitness, coordination, rhythm.

Dancing can be a very fun and impressive hobby, and there are so many different styles of dance that you’re bound to find something you enjoy. Whatever genre of music you enjoy, you could learn to dance in that style as a hobby.

It takes time and practice to become genuinely talented at this, but you don’t need any qualifications or skills to just dance around for fun, and it’s great exercise, too!

17. Study Your Favorite Subjects More In-Depth

teen studying

Skills: Knowledge, research, having interesting things to talk about.

Whether you’re really into science, or history, or computer science, or any other topic at school – pick your favorite and explore it in much more depth that you’ll learn in school!

That’s one of the best parts of school. It’s finding things that interest you, and then digging into them more on your own time to learn as much as you can. School is like a gateway, but you can become a true master in any topic if it interests you enough to take it up as a personal hobby for teen girls.

18. Start a Podcast

teen girl podcast hobby

Skills: Speaking, writing, marketing.

Starting a podcast is a good way to put your thoughts and ideas out there, to see if you can be entertaining, or just to talk about something you enjoy. You can develop a greater knowledge of an existing hobby or interest by making a podcast about it, or making a podcast can be the hobby.

You might want to listen to some podcasts for teenagers to get some ideas on the flow and format of a successful podcast.

19. Needle Felting and Other Crafts

needle felting hobby

Skills: Design, patience, textile skills, creativity.

Needle felting is a fun little hobby where you can be creative, and it’s really inexpensive to get started, and it’s a good way to focus on something closely which can help you to clear your mind or organize your thoughts.

20. Soap-Making

teen girl making soap

Skills: Science, creativity, skincare.

Making soap is so rewarding. One of the best parts is that you get to enjoy the results of all your hard work by having a constant supply of the highest quality soap you can get!

You can craft scents that you’ll love perfectly, share them with friends and family, and even start to sell it at local craft shows or at local stores to turn your teen hobby into your very own little empire of suds and bubbles.

21. Make Cosmetics

making cosmetics

Skills: Science, creativity, skincare.

Similar to making soap, you can also make all sorts of cosmetic products, too. You can have all-organic stuff for your skin and body, and you’ll know that it’s all made with great ingredients, and it’ll smell and feel exactly how you want it to.

22. Become a Self-Care Pro

self care

Skills: Mindfulness, patience, quality of life.

Self-care is crucial for a high quality of life and a high level of satisfaction in your life, even as a teenager! It simply means taking good care of yourself, so there’s a ton of different areas that you can explore.

23. Origami

origami hobby for teen girls

Skills: Crafting, following guides, patience.

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper, and it’s not just “something to do”, it can be an entire hobby if you get really into it. It can take a lot of time to memorize folds and learn them by heart, and eventually you can even start to make your own Origami designs from scratch that you’ll be able to replicate over and over.

24. Duct Tape Crafting

duct tape crafts

Style: Art, creativity.

Crafting in general is a fun hobby, but “crafts” in and of themselves are kind of broad so we’re looking at specific styles like origami and, in this case, duct tape crafting. The most popular example would be to make a duct tape wallet, but you can get really into it and make clothes, pencil cases, notebook covers, backpacks, and just about anything else you can imagine.

Final Thoughts on Hobbies for Teen Girls

Hobbies for teen girls don’t have to be super complicated or time-consuming, just find something that you enjoy doing and make an effort to do it.

Part of doing it means not just performing the hobby, but also putting in the time and effort to actually improve at it as you go. That’s one of the most rewarding and interesting parts about finding a great hobby for teenage girls.

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