26 Things Every Teenage Girl Should Have in 2022

Being a teenage girl also means that a girl needs to think of all sorts of what-ifs. What if I don’t have enough clothes, my hair goes wild, I stumble upon someone special most unexpectedly, my mascara ends up on my face, or I get a stain on my favorite jeans?

Better safe than sorry! That’s why we give you top items every girl should have in her purse, closet, and backpack. Keep reading!

Things Every Teenage Girl Should Have In Her Purse

Things Every Teenage Girl Should Have In Her Purse

Some say that the content of the girl’s purse is unknown to the rest of humankind. Others say that there lies the universe of the most unexpected things. Things every teenage girl should have in her purse are many, but luckily most of them come in small packages.

(Wet) Wipes

wet wipes

To go out means to be in public places, and imagine the level of bacteria and dirt out there! Wipes come in handy on so many occasions and are an absolute must for every girl’s purse.



Ever had that feeling that you went out with a perfect hairstyle, and when you came to the place, you looked like you’d been driving a convertible for an hour? Your favorite comb is the first thing to put in your purse when getting ready since, well, you never know.

Small Purse Mirror

small purse mirror

Every girl should have a small mirror. The benefits are many: you can check out your makeup in a split second, or you can act to do it while you are watching what’s going on behind your back or just around the corner, or you can place it next to someone’s mouth to check if they are alive.

Here are some ideas for teen girl gifts that aren’t makeup, too.

Lip Balm

lip balm

You never know how windy it will be, if you are going to eat or drink something, or if you will bite your lips until you eat your lipstick. Lip balm is here to protect the skin of your lips but also to add a little shine to it. An absolute must for every girl’s purse out there!



I won’t say much on this one except that every teenage girl needs them, sometimes without knowing when or where, but it is always got to have them close. Even the Godfather says something about it (keep your friends close and your tampons closer, right?). Good enough for me!


wallet every teen girl should have

It’s really helpful to have a small wallet to keep track of cards, important notes and papers, coupons, and so on. It’s also handy to grab the wallet when you need it, and leave the purse at home or somewhere safe.



It’s okay for a teenager to not have a cellphone, but despite some of the negative effects of social media on teenagers and being constantly plugged-in and connected, there are a lot of advantages for a teenage girl to have a cellphone.

As a parent, it can give some peace of mind to know that you can get a hold of your teenager, but remember that parents managed for thousands of years before we can phones on us at all times.

Water Bottle

water bottle

Carrying around a water bottle, even a smaller one, means that you don’t have to waste plastic buying disposable water bottles when you’re out and about and you’ll also save money.

Three or four bucks for a water can really add up to a lot of money, but buying a reusable water bottle one time means you can enjoy free water for years to come.

Pick something lightweight and durable, and don’t forget to rinse it out and wash it with warm water and some soap every couple of days or so.



If you wear mascara, it doesn’t hurt to keep some with you in case you need a touch-up midday. Similar to the next item on this list, you never know when it might be time for a photo, or you might need to touch your mascara up. It’s small, light, and easy to carry around so this one’s worth having.

Acne Corrector

acne corrector

Be ready for a breakout anytime it happens by carrying a bit of acne corrector with you, if this is something you struggle with.

If you don’t care too much about acne or it doesn’t hit you too hard, skip this one. But if you get breakouts and you want to be ready in case it’s time for that group photo, perfect selfie, or you just want to feel your best – then this can be a useful item to keep with you.

Things Every Teenage Girl Should Have In Her Closet

Things Every Teenage Girl Should Have In Her Closet

How many times were you standing before your closet and having a proper panic attack followed by a thought that you have nothing to wear?! Same here! Although girls’ closets may seem overloaded, there are things every girl should have to rest assured that they will make many combinations.

The Basic White T-Shirt

basic white t shirt
Pictured: Hanes Classic T-shirt

Some pieces of clothing are an absolute necessity. It is extraordinary how they appear in various combinations. Match it with white sneakers for a casual look, have a black blazer over for more formal, or have it with a tracksuit for a sports style. Either way, a basic T-Shirt is a must for all times and seasons!

Five Pairs Of Fine Jeans

five pairs of jeans
Pictured: Jeans from Old Navy

I know what you must be thinking, and no – we are zero exaggerating. Tailored jeans are the answer to all girl’s needs. And what a girl has to avoid is showing up in the same outfit day after day and week after week. One pair of jeans should stay at home, and the others are for a weekly rotation with other items.

White Sneakers

white sneakers

White sneakers with no standout brand sign are the most comfortable shoes for someone who needs to balance school, sports, or going out. You can match them with a print dress, jeans, a little black dress – you name it. Mark my words – you will call them your precious!

Denim Jacket

Denim jackets will never get out of fashion! They are always there when a girl needs them: to keep you warm at the graduation when you are in your princess dress, to accompany you at a rock concert, or to have it tied around your waist.

Neutral Blazer

Neutral blazers are a gift from god for both formal and informal occasions. You can wear them over a long shirt, brand T-Shirt, jeans, a print dress, or any dress. Match them with high heels, sneakers, or cat heels. Have a couple of them, and be not afraid to panic before your closet when an opportunity arises.

Dry Shampoo

dry shampoo

Need to wash your hair but can’t take a shower, or don’t want to wait for your hair to try? Keeping some dry shampoo in your closet or with your toiletries can be a life-saver, especially once you find a brand that you really like.

High Boots

A hair of high boots, what else really needs to be said? This is a staple clothing item that every teen girl should have in her closet. You probably won’t want to wear them every single day, but when it’s time, it’s time.

Print Dress

Who doesn’t love a nice print dress? It goes with just about anything, and is the perfect easy outfit to toss on when you’re running out the door in a hurry, or when you have time to really style and accessorize around it. Either way, you should have a “go-to” print dress in your arsenal.

Things Every Teenage Girl Should Have In Her Backpack

Things Every Teenage Girl Should Have In Her Backpack

You carry your backpack either when you go to school or when you know it will be a long day out. Besides your wallet, it is good to have some stuff, just in case. Pack your backpack now!

Small Snacks

A girl never knows how long she will stay out. Small snacks come in handy wherever a need arises. You’re halfway through our classes and feel your sugar is low? Just slip your hand into your backpack and take a small snack out.

Teenagers are growing, they’re out and about burning a lot of calories, and that’s why teenagers eat so much so having snacks on hand is important.



When you are a teenage girl, anything and everything can happen. You can get a chance to meet someone special, receive an unforeseen party invitation, or you name it! Walk through your favorite perfume, and you’re ready!

Lip Gloss

lip gloss

Teenage girl doesn’t have to get up early in the morning and put full makeup on. A lip gloss and mascara will do the work just fine. And an acne corrector if needed.

Fine Piece Of Jewelry

When you are young – everything looks good on you! If you are going for a date or a special occasion, it is always good to have a fine piece of jewelry. Even with jeans and a neutral blazer – you will look stunning!

Phone Charger

You never know when your phone battery will be dead. What we do know is that it dies at the worst possible time. If you have no extra battery cell, do not forget to have a phone charger in your backpack whenever you leave your house. 



Having a pair of headphones with you, even just small earbuds, is really convenient if you’re on public transportation and want to listen to some music or a podcast for teens. You don’t need to carry around a huge set of over-ear headphones, there are so many small ones available that easily fit in a small pocket of your backpack.


It’s not a bad idea to keep a book or a magazine with you, they’re pretty light and barely take up any space. Granted, you can just take out your phone when you need to kill some time, but sometimes it’s nice to relax with the phone away and focus on an article or a few chapters of a book instead.

Extra T-Shirt

A girlfriend recommended this and it’s something that’s been really useful at least a handful of times already. Keep an extra t-shirt in your backpack, just in case. Whether you spill, or get caught in the rain, or need to give it to a friend – you can be a hero (for yourself or someone else) when you’ve got an extra T in your backpack.

Other Things Every Teenage Girl Should Have

In addition to the physical items and products we’ve listed above, every teenage girl should have people she can rely on, people she can be herself around as she discovers herself, people who support her and encourage her, a small group of very close friends, and more.

Some of the above support may come from family, friends from down the street, friends on the other side of the world, and so on. It’s worth pursuing the emotional things every teenage girl should have, along with the products and physical things that every teen girl needs.

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