Halloween Party Games for Teens in 2020

Here are some fun Halloween-based party games for teens to play.

If you’re reading this in 2020, please keep safety and social distancing in mind. I am including some games that you can play while still maintaining social distance and being safe. I’m leaving off some games like bobbing for apples because that’s just not the best idea right now, to have everyone sticking their faces into the same bucket of water and trying to bite onto things. Let’s save that for another year, ok?

Having said that, even if you aren’t going door to door this year, you can still have fun of Halloween, eat entirely too much candy, and create some new memories. You can still wear costumes, you can get together with friends safely, or just have a Halloween that you spend with your dorky family – it’s all good! Make the best of the situation.

Haunted Candy Hunt

You’ve probably done Easter Egg hunts, right? This is the same idea. Stick with pre-wrapped candies, the same kind of stuff you would hand out to kids who come to the door.

Someone needs to hide the candy all around the yard or the house, but if you’re hiding candy outdoors, it’s your responsibility to keep track of how many you hide and where you put them. You don’t want to leave them out long enough for animals to try to get at them and to end up choking on the wrappers.

You can’t go door to door for candy, depending on where you live and how safe your family is being, but you can still hide candy around the home and go on a scavenger hunt which is a lot of fun.

Next level: You can also hide some “tricks” to go along with the treats, for example a candy wrapper that’s already empty, and for each empty candy wrapper that somebody finds, they have you reach into the Pumpkin of Dares (Don’t know what a Pumpkin of Dares is? That’s okay, it’s coming up next.)

The Pumpkin of Dares

Cut out some small pieces of paper and let everyone write down a few dares on different pieces of paper, and put them all inside of a hallowed out pumpkin, or a plastic pumpkin, or a shoe box, or whatever you’ve got laying around.

If somebody finds an empty wrapper in the Candy Hunt (described above), you can tell them they have to reach into the pumpkin and pull out a random dare.

Next level: Remember, if you put something too crazy in the Pumpkin of Dares, there’s still a chance that you’ll end up pulling it out yourself, so let’s not go too crazy here.

Candy Corn Guessing

Take a set amount of candy corn, fill up a jar (or a few smaller jars), and then have people guess how many candies are in the jar. The winner, of course, gets the candies! But it might not be the best idea to be handling each and every candy and counting them out by hand and then having people eat them, so take it to the next level for a better plan.

Next level: Count the candies as you put them in the jar, write down the total on a paper somewhere, and then have people guess how many candies are in the jar. Give the winner a sealed bag of candy corn instead of the ones that were opened and put into the jar. You can toss the ones that are in the jar for hygienic reasons, or keep them for yourself and enjoy them later (since you’re the one who counted them and touched them, anyways!)

Guess The Gore

Here’s a game suggested by CloserOnline. For this Halloween party game for teens, you have to take some random things and put them into bowls. You can put a box on top of the bowl, with just enogh room to stick your hands through th eside, so that peple can’t see what’s inside the bowl. So, we’re leaving out one crucial detail here if you haven’t noticed, and that’s to fill the bowls with a variety of different textures, from spaghetti noodles, gummy worms, a packet of scalloped potatoes that has been sitting in water overnight, some regular old fashioned mud, and anything else that you can think of that will be slimy and have a gross texture. Then, people try to guess what each thing is by feeling it.

And finally… Don’t TP Anyone’s House! Vandalism isn’t one of the best Halloween party games for teens!

“Toilet-papering” houses is off the menu this year, sorry kids! If this year has taught us anything, it’s that we should not be wasting any toilet paper. Plus, it’s just not a good time to add any extra stress or trouble to anyone’s life, like them having to worry about how to get the TP out of their trees and whatnot. Maybe in past years this prank, albeit still pretty mean under some circumstances, could pass – but you just don’t know what people are going through this year in particular, so chill out on things like egging houses or TP’ing houses.

Generations of teens have gone out on Gate Night and done stuff like this, but it’s becoming less and less common, and that’s a good thing. Halloween party games for teens shouldn’t involve ruining anyone’s day.

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