5 Reasons to Join a Fencing Club

Fencing is an exciting sport with significant roots in the Olympics that date back to 1896. Unlike most sports, it is fast-paced and uses weapons, making it an appealing choice for many teenagers who are looking for something new to try. It’s unique and exciting!

Although it’s considered a combat sport, it uses less impact that most sports and has little history regarding injury when participants are trained to use weapons safely.

If you are interested in learning more about fencing, joining a fencing club is a great way to go. Not only will you be learning from people who are passionate about the sport, you will have the opportunity to socialize and learn new skills. If you still aren’t convinced, keep reading. We’ve researched the sport and came up with these reasons for joining a fencing club: 

1. You’ll meet new people

Joining a fencing club is a great way to meet new people and develop new friendships and connections. If you are joining a club outside of school, you will have the opportunity to meet people outside of your normal social circle, who will vary in age and ability. 

2. To keep physically active 

Fencing is a physically demanding sport, so it’s a great way to keep active. You will find that the pace is quicker in fencing than most other sports, and it requires significantly more control over your movements. Most fencers see improvements in their strength, agility, flexibility, reflexes, and overall coordination by participating in this exciting sport. 

3. Build self-confidence 

teens can build confidence by joining a fencing club

Fencing is a sport that requires you stand up straight and tall, so you stay alert and focused on your opponent. At first, this will give the illusion of confidence, but as you build onto your skills and become comfortable with each type of fencing weapon, you will start to feel confident too. The best part is, this confidence isn’t limited to being on the strip. You will see improvements in other areas of your life too! 

4. Strengthen mental focus 

Along with being an exciting and active sport, fencing helps teach and strengthen mental focus. To be successful, you need to be constantly planning your next move while staying focused on what your opponent is doing. This is not an easy task for most people, but it is something that can be developed through consistent training and participation in the sport. This can help you with discipline and focus in other areas of your life too, like studying and finishing assignments at school. 

5. Your college application 

If you are working on applying to colleges, your participation in a fencing club can help strengthen your application against the competition. It’s definitely something positive to have on your teenage resume, especially if you have limited or no work experience.

Fencing shows college recruiters that you are disciplined and focused with excellent sportsmanship. Some colleges like Stanford University and Columbia University offer scholarships to qualified applicants who have participated in the sport throughout high school. Not only does this help to alleviate financial stress, but you can also continue participating in this exciting sport while attending college.

Mat Woods

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