3 Types of Jobs for Teens and Young Adults in Fort Wayne, IN

If you’re looking for good jobs in Fort Wayne, here are three options that you can consider. We’re including some different types of options, because everybody has their own skills and interests. When you’re younger, you might not be able to find your dream job right away, but getting your foot in the door in an industry that interests you and plays to your strengths is a good path to ensure that you end up with a fulfilling and lucrative career a bit later on in life.

There’s this idea that jobs for teenagers and young adults need to be very low-skilled and very low-paying, but that’s not always the case. Certain industries have more room for advancement than others, so even if you start off lower on the totem pole, being in a job that has room for growth can make it worthwhile compared to being at a job that doesn’t really have anywhere for you to climb. Having said that, if you just need some extra cash for now, you don’t have to make every employment decision based on where you want to be in 5, 10, or 20 years.

With that said, here are some ideas of industries in Fort Wayne for you to check out. After you have a rough idea what interests you, look for some job boards, classified ads, and visit the websites of companies in these fields to see who is hiring. Also, check out these tips for how to apply for jobs when your teenage resume is lacking, and consider looking at some teen volunteer opportunities near you to fill out your resume, as well.

3. Manufacturing

hvac repair jobs

Some of the largest companies in Fort Wayne are in the manufacturing industry, and there are a lot of job opportunities, plus opportunity to climb the ladder as you get older. Here are some examples of the types of manufacturing jobs that exist in Fort Wayne:

2. Healthcare

There are also many opportunists in health care and health care facilities. Entry level jobs include:

  • Medical billing: Medical billing is a specific area of healthcare that has entry level jobs available.
  • Medical assistant: With Certified Medical Assistant training, you’ll open doors in the medical field to work as an assistant.

1. Hospitality and Retail Industries

There are plenty of opportunities for young people to find jobs working in retail, or in the hospitality industries. Most of these positions are willing to hire and train people who don’t have a ton of work experience. Here are some examples of entry-level positions in hospitality and retail.

Server or cook: Servers and cooks are common jobs at a restaurants, along with dish washing. Servers can do well with tips in certain establishments, but generally speaking these aren’t the highest-paying jobs, and they can be stressful.

Store manager: If you have any experience as a cashier and working in retail, then becoming a store manager would be the next step up.

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