5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Visit the Dentist

Fear of the dentist is common among teenagers and other age groups. In fact, up to 75% of Americans have experienced dental anxiety at some point in their life. Whether you are fearful of potential pain or are haunted by previous experiences, you aren’t alone.

We want to help you see that you don’t need to be afraid of the dentist anymore. To help you see the light, we have compiled some of the most important reasons to let go of your fear of the dentist for good. 

1. Not visiting the dentist will have worse results 

Regular dental check-ups and cleanings help keep your teeth and gums healthy and treat minor problems before they become big issues. Without regular dental cleanings, you are putting yourself at risk for conditions like tooth decay or gum disease.

These conditions result from a severe buildup of plaque and tartar. Tooth decay and gum disease come with severe pain, permanent loss of teeth, and a significant amount of time in the dentist’s office.

2. The dentist wants to help you 

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It might be difficult to believe but dentists want to help their patients. A good dentist will make your comfort a high priority because they want you to come back!

Luckily, many dentists have been trained to treat nervous patients and may offer sedation or calming environment to suit a nervous individual’s needs. If you are nervous about going to the dentist, it’s important to let your dentist know how you are feeling so they can treat you accordingly.

A Carrollton dentist office has said that “It’s the goal that everyone walking through the office door feel comfortable and at home,” which can make the visit that much less intimidating. This demonstrates that dentists are aware that you might be nervous, and they’re usually very accommodating.

3. It’s relatively painless 

Dental technology is always changing to ensure that patients experience minimal pain while at the dentist. Many dental offices have opted to get rid of numbing injections in exchange for painless options like paste or spray.

Additionally, some dentists are opting to use light treatment to remove decay over the noisy, anxiety-causing drill you might remember from your childhood. If that isn’t enough to calm your nerves, your dentist might suggest relaxing medication or pain relievers to be taken shortly before your appointment starts. 

4. It costs less in the long-run 

We know this might not matter to you if you are still under your parents’ insurance plan, but it will become an issue once you are an adult. Poor dental care in your teenage years will follow you into adulthood, leaving you with expensive dental treatments or cosmetic dental implants to replace damaged teeth. 

5. Most dentists are amazing

A lot of people are fearful of the dentist due to past experiences they have had, so if this sounds like you, you aren’t alone. However, you can’t let one bad dentist impact your ability to receive necessary dental care.

Most dentists go to school with the intention of treating patients well and keeping smiles healthy. It’s unfortunate that there are bad dentists out there, but they certainly aren’t the norm. You can switch dentists at any time, so you don’t need to feel obligated to stick with a treatment you aren’t happy with.

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