What Makes a Hotel Great for Teenagers?

Not all hotels are the same. Some brands of hotels appeal to different crowds than other ones, while some brands try to appeal to everyone. If you fit into a certain group like senior travelers, or young couples, or families, or teenagers – choosing the best hotel will revolve around a different set of criteria. The best hotel for teenagers won’t necessarily be the best hotel for seniors, as a random example.

5 Amenities and Activities for Teens at Hotels

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If you’re shopping around for hotels, here are some things to look for that appeal to some teenagers. Also, these are often a good sign that the hotel cares about this age group (roughly 13-17) and caters to them on their property.

Clubs: Some hotels have a bar for adults, but during the day they’ll serve soft drinks and be closed-off exclusively for teenagers. In other hotels and resorts, there will be a little club room with some video games and board games and what-not. This one really comes down to personality and what someone likes to do with their time.

Sports: Sports, games and outdoor activities aren’t exclusive for teenagers, but you can still tell who a hotel or resort are trying to appeal to based on what sort of activities exist there. If it’s lawn bowling or bridge club, that gives you a clue. If it’s surfing and hang gliding, that gives you a different clue.

Interesting food: The whole family will have their own unique tastes in food, and most hotels will have options that tend to appeal more to teenagers. Some will go above and beyond and have crepe stands, juice bars, or pizza buffets – but again, it depends on the person and what they like.

Teen versions of adult activities: Let’s use Las Vegas as an example because everyone loves Las Vegas. The best Las Vegas hotels for teens will take elements of what makes Vegas fun for adults, and have toned-down versions of those things for teens. This could be dance clubs, or even various casino games (for play money, instead of real cash.) This gives them some “Vegas-like” things to do, without involving bars, actual gambling, or some of the other not-so-wholesome activities that Vegas is known for.

People your age: A lot of these other things don’t matter as much if there are other people around the same age group to meet and spend time with. Making vacation-friends is a really cool way to experience other cultures (depending on where you’re traveling, if you’re going to another country, for instance, you’re more likely to meet people from other countries.) A hotel that appeals to families with teenagers will attract more families with teenagers, so this is a bit of a catch-22.

Things to Remember:

Every teen is different, so one trip might not be perfect for everyone, but it’s all about finding a balance that the whole family will love (if you’re travelling with family members) by finding a location that has things that everybody can enjoy.

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