4 Ways To Stay Safe When You’re Home Alone

Some teens are eager for their parents to finally trust them to stay home alone, others are a bit more apprehensive or anxious about it. Here are some tips to help you feel safe, and actually be safer when you’re home alone.

4. Have a Security Camera


Telling someone “Just don’t answer the door” isn’t always practical, you might want to order food or have a friend over, or a neighbor could be stopping by because they need help. There are many reasons for someone to come to your door besides trying to break in or hurt you, but it’s also not always a smart idea to answer the door for everybody when you’re home alone.

There are security cameras that can link-up with your smartphone like a Ring doorbell, allowing you to see who is at the door, and even to talk to them with certain models.

3. Door and Window Alarms

Having door and window alarms is also important. Being able to see the front door is one thing, but having an alarm that will go off and alert you and the police if someone is breaking into your home is very important, too.

Sometimes, people will knock on the door to see if anyone is home. Even if you see them through your camera, you may choose to ignore them if you don’t recognize them. That could lead them to believe that you are home all alone.

2. Be Mindful When You’re Cooking

If you’re cooking dinner, keep an eye on the stove, don’t get distracted by playing a game or something else. When you’re the only one home, you should make a point to stay in the kitchen while cooking. Of course, you should test your smoke alarm and stuff like that on a regular basis too.

1. Have a Plan

A plan includes a phone number for a plumber and other contractors that may need to be contacted in an emergency, it includes knowing how to turn off the main water valve to your home in case there is a leak, it includes knowing what to do in a number of different emergency situations and writing this down somewhere that’s easy to access.

Most of the time, nothing is going to randomly go wrong, but if it does you want to make sure you’re ready.