4 Ways To Stay Cool In The Summer

Summer heatwaves can make you feel weak, dehydrated, uncomfortable, and they can just kind of kill the vibe. Spending time in the sun makes you feel alive, but there’s a limit! Here are some tips to enjoy the sun on the hottest days of the year, without overdoing it.

4. Portable fans

Portable fans are crucial if you’re going to out and about. There’s the basic ones that run on a couple of batteries, but you can also get some portable fans that spray mists of water into your face, and these are an excellent way to keep cool.

Portable fans” can also refer to smaller fans that you plug into the wall, too.

3. Air Conditioning

Having a cool home to go back to after being outside feels fantastic. When it’s humid and muggy and blistering hot outside, that hit of cool, crisp air conditioned air is just wonderful.

Portable AC units do a good job, window units are just fine, but a whole-home air condition is the best option. If you’re renting or you don’t have one, it can be costly to install a full-home unit, but a window unit can be had for as little as $100, and portable ones run around $200-$300. Well worth it if you don’t have any AC at all!

If your AC isn’t working right, you’ll need to find an AC repair company that can deal with it quickly!

2. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for yourself, especially on a hot summer day.

Your body needs more water when you’re in the heat, especially if you’re moving around and sweating. Keep a bottle of water with you and fill it when you need to. Make sure you’re drinking more water than you normally would, but don’t go too crazy – you don’t need to be chugging liters and liters of water, it’s possible to drink too much water.

Listen to your body, when you’re thirsty, drink some water. This can help avoid heatstroke and dehydration, which can range from uncomfortable to being downright dangerous and life-threatening in more extreme cases.

1. Be Shady

This one’s easy for Eminem. Finding a nice shady spot to cool down and taking a break from the heat is a great way to enjoy the warmth, without being directly in the sun’s harmful rays.

Final Thoughts

sunscreen lotion

If you’ve been cooped up at home, the warmer weather makes it very tempting to get out there and to enjoy the sun. You can do this, it’s okay to spend time outside, but be mindful of the conditions and dress appropriately for the weather.

Wearing tons of layers in the blistering sun isn’t ideal, but a long-sleeve shirt can help protect your skin from being burnt better than a t-shirt, for example. There’s no substitute for good old fashioned sunscreen, though, so lather it on before you step into the heat and you’re ahead of the game.

Exposure to the sun can lead to some very nasty outcomes later in life, not to mention sun burns in the immediate future.

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