4 Ways To Promote Your Side Hustle

So, you’ve got your side hustling going, whatever it is… but people aren’t beating down your door yet? Here are some tips to get noticed, to find new customers, and to keep the ones you have.

4. Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

When you start to get more serious about your side hustle, there’s a certain point where you need to hand over the reins for your marketing, at least to some degree. There are probably things you could be working on instead of marketing that will have a greater impact on the growth and success of your business. Leave it to a professional.

When you need your teeth worked on, you go see a dentist. When you need expert marketing advice for the internet, it makes sense to choose a great digital marketing agency.

3. Get To Work On Social


Managing a company’s social media page involves much more than simply tossing up some memes and advertisements every now and then. You need to put in the work and take it seriously. Pay attention to your metrics and what types of posts, tone, style, and time of posts get the most engagements. Try to replate what works and don’t just go through the motions.

Use social media to reach people (not to spam their DM’s, though). It’s a good way to get you and your brand on different people’s radars.

2. Do Amazing Work

Whatever it is that you do, always do your best. Go above and beyond and you’ll see that referrals will start to come in.

Things are going to go wrong every now and then. You’ll fall asleep when you should be fulfilling orders, or you’ll run out of an essential material that will delay things. Whatever happens, there’s a way to make it right. Prepare for everything that you could reasonably prepare for, then prepare a bit more, and then just learn how to deal with anything else that comes along.

1. Local business? Get online. Online business? Get local.

Online-based businesses have a tendency to ignore their local markets when they’re focused on a wider scale. On the other hand, local businesses still have a tendency to ignore the online side of things.

Whatever your focus is, make sure that you don’t have total tunnel vision. If you’re doing things online, there are still likely local companies you could collaborate with in one way or another, and it’ll still be easier for you to grow things locally since that’s where you exist.

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