Everyone has their own way to enjoy gaming. Some people love to settle in with a deep single-player strategy game, others like to frag out with their buddies online.

Some people like to play unforgiving hardcore modes where you have to start at the very beginning each time you run out of health, whereas other people would rather turn on some cheat codes and let it rip.

There are no wrong answers here.

If you’re getting bored with some of your favorite games or you’re just looking for new gaming experiences, here are some ideas…

5. Virtual Reality

If you haven’t tried on a VR headset anytime in the last few years, you’ll be surprised how much better it’s gotten (and continues to get.) There are virtual reality versions of a lot of popular games and genres, and brand-new experiences, too.

The cost of hardware is coming down and the quality is going up, VR is very close to hitting the tipping point where it’ll start to attract more mainstream gamers. Half-Life: Alyx is already a catalyst for many people to take a closer look at VR, and as hardware improves and costs come down, you’ll be seeing more adoption which will lead to more development.

4. Using Cheat Codes for Videogames

There’s a big difference between using a maphack or an aimbot in a multiplayer game or using cheat codes in single-player games. The former ruins the experience for other people and isn’t cool, but the latter gives you total control over your game experience and can make a stale game feel brand new again.

There was a time when cheat codes were common in games, and accessories like the Game Genie and Gameshark opened up even more doors for creative ways to play. A good example of a modern game’s usage of cheat codes is GTA 5.

The Grand Theft Auto series has always been absolutely packed with content, and the number of GTA 5 cheats that are actually worth using is impressive. You can use an invincibility cheat for GTA 5, you can turn on slow-motion mode, and you can even raise or lower your wanted level at will.

3. Team Coms

If you’re playing a team game like CS, Overwatch, or squads in a BR – communication is vital. It’s not just a matter of yelling out commands to your teammates. Being an effective communicator in tense game situations can be the difference between pulling off a huge upset, or getting tilted and not having any fun.

Turning on your headset and doing your best to call shots in a helpful way can be just as big of a contribution as your actual performance in the game. This is a skill you can develop and hone with time.

2. Getting Super Comfy

Having a comfortable couch or chair to play from, having a good blanket, an ample supply of water nearby, comfortable headphones, the list goes on… all of these things will help to make gaming more fun.

When you’re more comfortable, the games are more immersive. Investing in a hobby like gaming can go beyond simply playing games.

1. Having Great Gear

If you’re playing on a PC, having a monitor that can hit 144hz is one of the single biggest upgrades you can make to your overall gaming experience. Far too many people go out and buy powerful systems, but don’t have a monitor that can take advantage of it.

Similarly, how many console players are using their TV’s built-in speakers? For a couple of hundred dollars, you can get an incredible sounding pair of speakers and a cheap amplifier. It makes a huge difference to the overall experience.

Mat Woods
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Mat Woods

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    Ricky Pilkington December 2, 2019 - 10:38 pm

    Too bad that cheat codes are dying out and developers are not including them much anymore. Rockstar is one of the last devs that bothers to!


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