13 Things Every Teenage Girl Should Know

Teenage age is a scary phase in everyone’s life, and for girls, it gets even scarier. I mean why does everyone suddenly have a say about how you look, what you eat, and so on? In this article, I’ll be giving you a list of vital things every teenage girl should know. 

Things Every Teenage Girl Should Know:

Things Every Teenage Girl Should Know

If you’re kinda mad at everyone around you now, I totally get you. Take a chill pill and read through my detailed list of things every girl should know. Let’s get started! 

13. You’re not in competition with other girls

Hey queen, you don’t have to feel like you need to meet up with a certain standard. Yes, other girls might have the latest designer dresses, shoes, and wigs. It’s easy to feel intimidated by all of that, trust me.

But guess what? You’re someone else’s everyday prayer point. Your body (that you sometimes wish were better) is exactly what someone else wants. With or without the latest shoes and dresses, you rock! 

12. Weight gain isn’t a cause for alarm

something teen girls should know

Welcome to the world where you’ve got to look like a supermodel to be called beautiful. I guess you can relate to that quite well, most people can.

Listen, weight gain means you’re healthy and you’re growing. You can work out if you want to keep fit but don’t do absurd things to fit societal standards. I’ve seen teen girls starve themselves to become slimmer. 

Trust me, girl you’re a queen and you shouldn’t starve yourself to look impressive for anyone!!!

Other things on this list will include activities that keep you active and eating well, but don’t obsess over it to the point that you’re miserable. You’re still growing in your teenage years, you’re going to gain some weight, it’s normal.

11. You can be smart in a unique way

It’s great to have good grades and be among the top students in your class. However, when you find yourself among the average or below-average students, it doesn’t mean you’re worthless or dull. 

I get that your parents, neighbors, and peers might mock you and call you unintelligent. Believe me, everyone (emphasis on every single person) is good at something. 

It doesn’t have to be school work, find something that makes you happy and you’ll excel at it. So don’t be depressed or sad because you can’t get high grades. Make sure you work hard when you find what you’re good at though. 

10. You can control how people treat you

Now let’s be honest, sometimes you keep friends that treat you like crap because you feel like an elite around them. Isn’t that true? You feel small on your own and resort to hiding behind the popular girls. 

Listen, you can tell people not to behave badly towards you. It won’t kill you to walk away from that friendship either. You’re a powerful teen girl so you shouldn’t be trampled upon by boys, or other girls.

9. Your mental health will face challenges

teen girl mental health

I’m not even going to lie about this, it’ll happen to everyone. You can’t talk about things a teenage girl should know without mentioning mental health challenges. 

The causes of your mental health problems will range from hormones to boy stuff, then mommy or daddy issues. 

So put your guard up, find out how to control your anger, and make yourself happy. I strongly suggest music, art, swimming and therapeutic things like that.

8. Get to know your heart

Uh-oh, here comes the part where you get all emotional (maybe you should grab a tissue haha). Everything I said earlier are also things every young woman should know. For this aspect though, I’m particular about teenage girls. 

There’s this pressure to date someone now that you’re a teen.  Let me guess, you probably already feel like you’re in love. But are you ready for the emotional stress? 

My advice is that you shouldn’t let “just anyone” into your heart. Make sure that person is worth it. And if you’re heartbroken please give yourself time to heal before falling in love again. 

7. Be intentional about your appearance 

You’re a step closer to adulthood now. Your looks should matter more to you. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should fuss over your body. 

I’m talking about how you dress and how you present yourself. Practice modesty. Trust me you don’t wanna start showing off too much skin at this early stage because you’ll only attract “hungry boys”. 

6. You have a right to say no to sex

“You’ll have sex with me if you truly love me”. I guess you heard this line before, haven’t you? If you’ve not then you’ll hear it sooner or later. 

Don’t let anyone manipulate you into doing what you’re not ready for. In fact, that line is a red flag that you shouldn’t be with that person. 

Anyone who doesn’t respect your opinion or tries to make you change it isn’t the right one for you. If you intend to have sex, make sure you do it safely. 

5. Make an effort to be nice to your parents

teen with mom

Let me tell you a secret. Most parents have a phobia of teenage children. And that’s for good reason because teenage kids are a hard nut to crack (sorry girls, but it’s true). 

Be polite to your parents, do your chores, and don’t stay out past curfew. These are fundamental things every teenage girl should know.

Your parents will be willing to guide you through this teenage phase if you’re well-behaved.

4. Choose your friends wisely

The friends you pick at this point will have a big impact on your future. Stay away from friends that encourage you to do drugs. Taking drugs at this age is a free ticket to destruction. 

Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes too. This is mainly for your health. You also don’t want to get addicted to these things, trust me. 

Last but not least, stay away from friends that have no positive impact on you or friends that belittle you. 

3. Life for yourself

Stop worrying about what others think of you. Girls who try to be people-pleasers end up being intimidated or bullied. You’ve got to live your life for yourself.

That doesn’t mean being super selfish all the time, but it means knowing how to draw boundaries and how to take care of yourself.

2. How to have a healthy relationship with food

Eat a balanced diet and be mindful of what you’re eating. Don’t employ bad or unhealthy eating habits to lose or gain weight.

1. Find activities that keep you moving

Engage yourself in sports or games and things that’ll boost your cognitive abilities. It’s not good to sit around all day,

Other Things Every Young Woman Should Know

What I’m about to say may sound like a no-brainer but I’ll say it anyway. Treat yourself with kindness and be confident at all times. Self-love is one of the most important things every teenage girl should know and practice.

You are your own person and nobody is allowed to judge you. Do you get that? Well, that’s about it. Thanks for sticking with me till the end, you rock!

Of course, there are plenty of other things every teenage girl should know, but hopefully this list helped give you some insights and some things to think about.

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