The Best Bed for a Teenager with Storage Attached

Let’s face it, even in a large bedroom, extra storage space is very helpful. The space below a bed is often wasted on a few dirty pairs of socks and some candy wrappers, maybe an old book, and anything else that you may have misplaced. Getting more organization space under a bed is very useful, but not every bed is a good candidate for this. Some bed frames are too low and they don’t allow you to fit anything under the bed for teens.

Storage beds are the perfect solution. Whether they have shelves attached at the headboard on either side, or storage underneath, they can fit into this category.

Choosing a Bed For Teenagers With Storage

There are a lot of beds to choose from out there, but they are not all created equal. When we talk about choosing a “bed”, we’re referring specifically to the bedbframe, since you can find any mattress you’d like for it, and a decent bed frame will outlast the mattress, anyways.

What To Look for in a Storage Bed for Teens:

Start by finding the right size. Single beds are a good choice since they are big enough for one person to sleep in, and take up less space. A queen or a double offers more room, and a king is probably overkill for most teens. Are you looking for a bed that they’ll use now and need something lager down the road, or do you want to get something large enough that they can take it with them when they ultimately get their own place, and are sharing it with someone else?

Think about your budget, too. Bed frames don’t have to be expensive, but it’s worth spending a bit more if you want something that’s going to last. Having a bed with a well-built frame is always good, but if you have to choose between spending more on the frame or on the mattress, we’d recommend getting a better quality mattress and a less expensive frame, since the mattress has a more direct impact on the comfort and sleep quality.

What do you need to store? Some storage beds will have drawers under the mattress that slide out, which are useful for storage clothing and can replace having a dresser, or just to give extra space for socks and whatnot. These slide-out storage drawers can also be used for odds and ends, games, books, and more. There’s another style of storage beds for teenagers (and sometimes you’ll find both types of storage in one bed) that have headboards with cupboards and shelves built in. These can be very tall, offering a ton of space, but you’ll want to make sure they’re very-well secured because otherwise all of the stuff on the shelves can end up falling on your face while you lay in bed!

With all of that in mind, here are my selections for: The BEST Bed for Teenager With Storage

Most of these beds are availaible in all different sizes, so follow the links and choose the size that suits you the best. If it only comes in one size, we’ll make a note of that, so you don’t have to waste your time looking at beds that are not the correct size. Convenient, hey?

The Zinus 18 Inch Platform Bed

zinus platform bed for teens

Check it out HERE!

This bed has a foot and a half of clearance underneath it, but it’s just a simple frame. It doesn’t have any drawers or shelves attached, it’s meant more as a “DIY” storage option – you’ll need to find storage boxes that fit below it, or use storage stuff you already have. What this bed offers is a lot of space, with easy access. The rest is up to you. This is good because it gives you more space. You can slide fordable exercise equipment under here, surfboards, stacks of games and books, and if you get a bed skirt it’ll all be hidden! You could even hide a person under here if you have someone over and your parents show up out of nowhere, but you wouldn’t do that, you’re a good kid, right?

Loft Bed with Storage and a Desk

lift bed with storage for teens

Check it out HERE!

This twin-size loft bed has plenty of storage space built right in. There are shelves, room for a dresser below, and even a desk. It uses space very well in a kid’s room or a room for a younger teenager, but is a bit on the smaller side for older teens. If you’re looking for something larger, Style Within Reach recommends these bed frames for adults.

Are you looking for a different style of bed for teens? We will be featuring many of them, very soon, so stay tuned! This is just one category of bed, but there are many more and we’ll go over all of them to help you setup the perfect bedroom.

Is there a different bed that you would recommend? Make sure you us know, because we are constantly updating our recommendations as new products enter the market. Our goal is to stay on top of the absolute best, whether it came out a decade ago or a week ago. You can always find great recommendations here.

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