When someone is living with diabetes, it can have a big impact on their overall life, obviously. That can be extra true for teenagers, who want to feel like they fit in with their peers. Even if you don’t automatically associate them with their diabetes, it’s still a part of their life, and buying a thoughtful gift that will improve their quality of life in such a specific way really shows how much you care.

5. Fitbit or other Fitness Trackers

A fitness tracker like a Fitbit, that comes with an app to track nutritional info from meals, can be a game changer for anyone who needs to pay close attention to their activity levels and what they’re eating.

4. Diabetic Socks for Women

Socks might not be the most glamorous gift idea out there, but diabetic socks can make a great gift for somebody who needs them. Diabetic socks for women come in more colors than the typical white, grey or black.

You could add some sugar-free candies or snacks into the socks for an extra little bonus, or you could fold up some money and have it sticking out of the socks if you’re looking to give more than just a pair of socks. There are inexpensive, quick and easy ways to “jazz up” this gift to elevate it beyond “just a pair of socks”.

3. Sugar-free Gift Baskets

This is something you can make yourself by visiting the sugar-free aisle of the grocery store if your store offers that, or just brainstorming to think of fun snacks for diabetics.

2. Cookbooks and Recipes

Finding good meals to enjoy isn’t always easy for a diabetic, and having a full arsenal of ideas is the first step. Of course, you can always just go online and find good recipes, but there’s something special about having a cookbook you can hold, with great pictures of each meal, and clear instructions without having to fight against pop-up ads, poorly reviewed recipes, etc.

If you want to take it a step further, check out our next diabetic gift idea, which is to simply make them some meals yourself.

1. Mealprep

Mealprep for diabetics

This is such a thoughtful gift that takes some extra special effort. Buying some cookbooks is one thing (and a very thoughtful gift in its own right), but actually making a handful of recipes for the person you care about is very nice, too.

Meals that can be frozen are a really good idea because there’s already so much food going around during the holiday season, and this takes away the rush to try to eat it all before it spoils.

Final Thoughts

A gift that acknowledges some of the struggles they deal with in their day to day life can be nice, especially when it’s something they probably don’t have already and wouldn’t get for themselves. It’s about having compassion and empathy for them, not about putting a spotlight on their condition.

This is also probably best left as gifts for people you’re close to, for example, don’t buy a pair of diabetic socks for somebody that you work with or for a secret Santa exchange.

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Mat Woods

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