Teenagers and Oil: Here’s The Scoop

A certain legal oil is getting more and more popular around the world, which has caught the attention of parents and teens alike.

Oil on its own doesn’t get you lifted the same way inhaling the normal plant does. It can have a relaxing effect, and it offers patients a way to enjoy the benefits of the plant without any of the “side-effects” that come from smoking.

The Type of Oil Matters

There are different types of oils. Some are meant to ingested, some are meant to be vaped, some aren’t meant to be used at all. The ones that shouldn’t be used for vapes are the ones that you may have heard about in the news lately – which was the result of black-market criminals cutting their products with dangerous oils. It’s important to understand that all of that vaping stuff is a totally different story than oil.

It is is combined with safe carrier oils that are meant to be ingested. Coconut oil and MCT (a form of coconut oil) are two very popular options and are totally safe to consume. The oil is a carrier for the oil itself, and helps regular dosage and makes it easier to consume. When you’re looking for oil, you want to know more and you want to avoid any of the dangerous oils.



It’s not uncommon for teens to experiment with various types of substances that make them feel different. The feelings one gets from legal oils is usually more in-line with pain relief or feeling less anxious, maybe a bit of relaxation, but it’s not nearly as noticeable as other things that teens experiment with. So, if you know your teen is starting to use CBD, it’s probably not something to panic about, at least not any more than if you found a bottle of Tylenol on their desk.

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