Makeup and “girly things” can make a nice gift, some girls love that but even girls who love makeup have other interests, too. If you’re looking to buy some gifts for a daughter, a niece, or a friend – here are some ideas.

Felt Letter Board

This felt board comes with letters that you can use to write whatever you want. Positive affirmations, reminders, jokes, and more… It’s not quite as practical as a white-board for leaving actual notes, but it’s great for customizing messages that you plan to keep up for a while. Write something nice before gifting it!

Good Vibes Only Neon Light

It’s a good philosophy! This neon light comes in under $100, and can be a focal point in any room. You’ll just need an electrical outlet to plug it into on the wall, and you’re all set. It’s fairly easy to mount on the wall, too.

Sleep Set

Everyone sleeps, but not everybody does it in style. This soft plush sleep set comes with a scrunchy for keeping your hair under control, and a sleeping mask to keep the sun out of your eyes when you get to sleep in.

Lip Balm Kit

A kit for making something homemade is always a nice gift, like this book and kit for making lip balm.

Sara Dylan
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Sara Dylan

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