Don’t Ignore These Signs He Wants You To Be His Girlfriend

So, you’re talking to a guy, you think things are going pretty well, you have a bit of a crush on him… but you aren’t quite sure how he feels.

We’ve all seen it play out a thousand times.

Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy. Girl doesn’t know if boy likes girls. Boy doesn’t know if girl likes boy. Boy is afraid of being rejected. Girl is afraid of coming on too strong.

Guys aren’t always good at verbalizing their thoughts compared to women. With guys, it’s hard to figure out what their plans are. The only clue you’ve got most times is to study their actions. 

You could be friends with a guy you love yet you aren’t sure if he wants to date you. Trust me, this scenario is very common. Since it’s quite difficult to get a direct answer from the guy, I’d be telling you how to spot signs he wants you to be his girlfriend

Does He Want Me to Be His Girlfriend?

does he want me to be his girlfriend

He’s been spending time with you and seems to enjoy your company as much as you enjoy his own. But is that enough to conclude that he wants to date you? 

I mean, he could just be enjoying the friendship and not desiring anything more. A guy who wants to date you will do much more than spending time with you. 

He’d make the time spent with you worthwhile. Someone like that wouldn’t discuss random things with you. He’ll tailor the conversations in a way that’ll hint at  his true intentions. 

One of the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend is that he’ll spend so much time asking you about yourself and telling you little details about himself. 

If he does this and other things I’ll be telling you about right after now, they’re definitely signs that he wants to be with you. 

14 Signs He Wants You to Be His Girlfriend

signs he wants you to be his girl

I know you’ll agree with me that relationships and life generally would have been easier if everyone’s true intentions were on display. That way you wouldn’t have to act like an intelligence officer and find out a guy’s feelings yourself. 

Sadly, most guys don’t come clean about their intentions and leave you wondering what they actually want from you. 

Every encounter with him would leave you with questions like “does he want me to be his girlfriend? Does he want to go further? Should I just ask him directly?” And so on. 

To save you the stress, especially if you don’t know what to look for, here are some of the major signs he wants a relationship with you:

1. He Often Mentions that He’s Single 

More often than not, this is one of the first signs a guy wants you to be his girlfriend. Guys do this to make sure you get the message that they’re available for you alone and want to leave the single hood soon. 

At this point you can reassure him by replying that you’re single too. This will give him a go ahead to put more effort into building something solid with you. 

When a guy keeps saying he’s single and wants to spend time with you, you should know that he wants something more than just friendship from you.

2. He’s Interested in Knowing More About You

Well no guy would waste time in learning the details about someone they don’t wanna have anything to do with. So if this guy keeps asking you personal questions and taking notes of the things you like and dislike, it’s clearly one of the signs he wants to make you his girlfriend. 

When the guy goes from basic questions like “where do you live?” To deeper questions like “where do you see yourself in the next five years?” You should know that he’s interested in you. 

3. He’s Consistent 

Now this is a real deal. You have to watch out for this one. Players or guys who just want a brief relationship or a fling with you wouldn’t show consistency. This is how you spot guys who are serious from the ones who are not. 

If he keeps acting the same way for a long time without wavering, I don’t know what’s a clearer sign that he wants you. 

Most guys aren’t patient or consistent. So if you’ve got yourself a guy that’s consistent in his efforts to spend time with you, he’s definitely interested in dating you. 

You can acknowledge his consistency as this will encourage him to ask you out. 

4. He Talks About his Past 

Most guys don’t do this. Men hate feeling vulnerable so if a guy tells you about his past, he trusts you and  really likes you. It’s not easy to muster courage and tell someone who might reject you about your past. 

So if he keeps telling you about his past or even his family, he wants you to be his girl for sure. 

5. He Apologizes After Slight Disagreements 

Someone who wants to date you wouldn’t want you to be mad at him. So if this guy says he’s sorry over slight issues, it’s one of the many signs he wants to be with you. 

You should reciprocate and apologize often too so that he’ll know you don’t want a fight with him either. 

6. He Gets Jealous 

This list wouldn’t be complete without the touch of jealousy. A guy who wants to date you would get jealous if he sees you spending time with someone else. 

If you constantly hang out with any other guy, you’ll see clearly that he’s jealous. Guys aren’t good at hiding their jealousy. 

So if you like him, don’t give him reasons to get jealous. Instead, give him an assurance that he’s the one you want to be with. 

Other signs he wants you to be his girlfriend include:

  • 7. He calls and texts frequently 
  • 8. He flirts with you at the slightest chance he gets
  • 9. He talks about the future with you
  • 10. He compliments you 
  • 11. He asks for your opinion
  • 12. He shares things with you
  • 13. He’s protective of you
  • 14. He introduces you to his friends and family 

What To Do When He Shows Signs That He Wants To Date You 

signs that he wants to date you

Okay you’ve confirmed that he wants to date you although he’s not said it directly yet. What’s next? How do you act knowing that he wants more than just friendship with you? 

The first thing you should do is to reciprocate. That’s your way of silently communicating to him that you’re interested, too. Some guys won’t ask you out directly since they’re scared of getting rejected but they’ll take the hint if you show an interest too. 

Showing interest is quite easy. Let’s say he flirts with you via text, reply to him with the same energy. If he gets you coffee on random days, surprise him by getting him one too. 

When he acts silly with you, laugh and act the same. Doing these things would make it clear that you’re on the same page with him and that’ll prompt him to give you an official proposal. 

Study the little details about him so that when y’all start dating, he’ll know for sure that you were interested in him too from the beginning. 

Those Are The Signs He Wants To Date You Exclusively

Getting a guy to admit his feelings clearly can be a real hassle. I think that gender has a phobia for rejection. It’s left for you to make him feel certain that he wouldn’t get rejected if he asks you out. 

Of course, all these come after you’ve clearly seen many signs he wants you to be his girlfriend. My dear friend, don’t jump into conclusions if the signs aren’t there yet so that you wouldn’t end up with a broken heart. It would all be a lot easier if people could communicate, this goes for both sides, but we’re living in the world we live in – so do the best you can with what you’re given!

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