9 Riddles for Teens to Solve

Let’s rapid-fire some good riddles. How many of these can you solve? It’s always fun to memorize a few good riddles to have them on deck when you’re talking to people, it’s a clever little ice breaker or just a good way to pass some time. How many of these can YOU solve? 

Riddle 1:

What is greater than God,

more evil than the devil,

the poor have it,

the rich need it,

and if you eat it, you’ll die?

Riddle 2: 

Which month do people sleep the least amount? 

Riddle 3:

What has a tail, a head, and no body?

Riddle 4: 

What gets wetter the more it dries?

Riddle 5: 

Danielle works at a butcher’s shop and wears size 7 shoes. She’s 5 feet and 6 inches tall. What does she weigh?

Riddle 6: 

There’s one word in the dictionary that is spelled incorrectly. Which word is spelled incorrectly?

Riddle 7:

How many of the months have 28 days?

Riddle 8:

A prisoner has to choose which cell he’s going to serve his sentence inside.The first cell is filled with fire and lava. The second cell is filled with angry lions, bears, and scorpions. The third cell is filled with lions that haven’t eaten in years. Which cell should he choose?

Riddle 9:

What grows when it eats and dies when it drinks?






Keep scrolling down a little bit further to get to the answers… We’ve spaced them out so you don’t accidentally read the answer to a different riddle, but it’s still a good idea to come up with a guess for each riddle first, and THEN to check all of your answers at once, just to make sure you avoid spoilers entirely.












  • Answer 1: Nothing

  • Answer 2: February (It’s the shortest month)

  • Answer 3: A coin 

  • Answer 4:  A towel

  • Answer 5: Meat

  • Answer 6: Incorrectly

  • Answer 7: All of them

  • Answer 8: The one with the lions, they all starved to death years ago. 

  • Answer 9: Fire.

We hope you had fun with these! Don’t feel too bad if you didn’t get them all right, some of them are meant to be tricky. It takes a bit of getting used to for our minds to work on an abstract way to solve riddles, but it’s a good skill to practice.

Leave a comment below with your favorite riddle and we’ll add it to the list. Let us know if we should do more posts like this, we’re always excited to get feedback from the cool people who spend a bit of their day here on the site.

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