Let’s imagine you’re at the very early stages of planning a family trip. Whether it’s you and a kid, you and a spouse and several kids, or whatever combination your family looks like – these guidelines and tips will help ensure that everyone enjoys this time away.

A trip is an investment, even last-minute affordable vacation packages will make a dent for most families so it’s really important to make the most of it! Planning allows you to ensure that you don’t show up at your destination and scratch your head thinking of what to do.

It ensures that the one attraction you’re most interested in seeing isn’t down for maintenance that month, and so on.

Make Sure There Are Things To Do For Teens and Everyone Else

If you’ve always dreamed of a Vegas vacation, for instance, that might not be the ideal place if you have younger kids.

While there is a lot for kids to do in Vegas, if you’re planning on hitting the party scene, leaving them at the hotel with a sitter might not be the ideal trip for them.

Granted, there are places just for kids and family activities, but Vegas isn’t necessarily the top destination for families with younger kids even though they do try to accommodate.

Having said that, there are many things for teens to do in Las Vegas, even if they can’t order drinks at the bars. The Hard Rock is an awesome hotel to stay at for families with teenagers, and the list goes on.

You Don’t Have To Go Very Far

When you’re in another city, you might look at their various transport options (bus? train? cab? Uber?)

You may look up reviews and find which neighborhoods interest you the most, and try some tourist-y places while also looking for local gems. But have you ever done that in your own city?

Or maybe gone one or two states over? You don’t have to fly on a plane halfway around the world to find cool things to do, but we’ll offer some staycation tips in an upcoming post and we’ll update this one with a link!

Think About Your Budget and Priorities

If you have a set budget, that’s no problem – you might be able to get more out of your trip without spending any more money just by allocating your funds differently. If you plan on being very busy and out and about during the days, then maybe look for a hotel in the $110-$130 range instead of a $350 room, as one example.

Now, if you’re planning on spending time relaxing and taking it easy and the hotel has features you plan on using, then a pricier hotel can be totally worth it. But if you’ll just be there in the mornings and at night to sleep, that extra couple hundred bucks could go a lot further while you’re exploring the town.

Make Memories!

There are a number of great ways to document and save your vacation memories. There’s a balance between living in the moment on your trip and soaking it all in without distraction and trying to take a lot of photos and capture a lot of memories.

You don’t want the process of saving your memories to interfere with your enjoyment in the moment, right? Here are some useful tips for making a scrapbook or collage to remember your trip.

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Sara Dylan

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