Cool Mustache and Beard Styles for Teenagers

If you’re not able to grow a thick or long enough beard to accomplish all of these beard styles for teenagers, don’t worry! For a lot of guys, it can take well into their 20’s or even later before they’re able to grow a decent enough beard to style it however they want.

Here are some mustache styles for teenagers and beard styles for teenagers to give you some inspiration for your own facial hair. When you’re only able to grow a little bit of facial hair, don’t be shy to shave it off and wait a bit until it grows in more, sometimes that can be better than rocking a tiny mustache or a bit of stubble under your chin. Don’t worry, it’ll start to grow more quickly as you get older.

Either way, here are some ideas for short beard styles for teenagers, along with a few ideas for longer beards, but teens usually don’t have long beards yet.

Facial Hair Styles for Teens

Here are some facial hair ideas for teens, and even some options for people who aren’t growing much facial hair yet.

Scruffy, Short Facial Hair

scruffy teenage facial hair
A scruffy type of look is easier to pull off for teenagers who can’t grow a lot of facial hair yet.

Here’s a facial hair style for teenagers who can’t grow a thick mustache or beard yet. It’s a trimmed, but still sparse and thin mustache and some hair on the bottom of the chin. If you’re facial hair is growing in a bit all over the place or in patches, you can still tidy it quite a bit to give it some shape, then over time it will grow in thicker.

It’s also good practice for down the road when you have a thicker beard and mustache coming in. If you can only grow a bit of hair in between your chin and your mustache, for example, you could just shave off in area in between like in the photo above.

Long Beard Styles for Teenagers

long beard styles for teenagers
Most teenagers can’t grow long beards like this, but some people just have really good beard genes.

When you’re able to grow a thick, long beard that covers everywhere on your face – then the world is your oyster and you’ve been blessed with great beard genetics that many guys would give an arm and a leg for.

You’ll be able to choose from any style of beard that you want. Some guys can’t really grow hair on their cheeks, for example, and some guys can’t grow enough to fill in under their lower lip, to the sides of their mustaches, and so on.

If you want to grow a long beard, time is your friend. Everyone’s beards grow at different paces, so if you’re just starting out, don’t be afraid to shave it and trim it and tidy it up.

Short Beard Styles for Teens

teen short beard with a mustache

Short beard styles for teens are easy to maintain.

A short beard is a popular choice for teenage guys because it doesn’t require you to be able to grow a long beard yet. Anyone who can push out a bit of stubble can rock a short beard style, the key is just to keep it at a uniform length.

For example, if some of your beard grows in at 4mm, and some of it grows in at 6mm, and some of it’s a bit longer and grows faster, you could trim the whole thing to 3mm or whatever length.

It’s an easy style because you can always let it grow for a few days then trim it again, or decide to grow it out more. It lets you know how thick your beard will grow in if you grow it longer, without having to invest the full amount of time to grow a full beard.

All in all, any great beard is going to start out as a short beard. It’s easier to shape and style when it’s shorter, so you can lay a strong foundation for a beard that you’ll grow for many years to come.

The first of the teenage beard growth states is going to be a short beard that’s probably patchy, and starts in one or two areas like the mustache or below the chin, and then expands outward from the sideburns, until these various parts of the beard meet and this will give you a good idea of how your beard will fill in once it grows longer.

Teenager With a Stubble Beard

teen stubble beard

Here’s a style of beard that’s just a bit of stubble. Some people call it a 5 o’clock shadow, based on a man shaving in the morning before work and having a bit of a beard coming in by the end of the work day.

If you look at the pattern of the stubble above, this guy might not be able to fully connect a thick beard that covers his full cheeks and so on, but he’s rocking the stubble look that most teens can grow once they get a bit older, if not sooner.

Chin Strap Neck Beard With Short Mustache

teenage neckbeard

This guy has a beard that’s been trimmed to take on a chin strap shape, and he’s also got a short mustache that’s slightly trimmed. There’s no hair connected the mustache to the beard.

A “neck beard” as you’ll often hear discussed online as a negative stereotype is usually where there’s more hair growing on the bottom of the neck when it doesn’t grow on the rest of the face, whereas the guy above is rocking more of a chin strap.

There are differing opinions on the chin strap look, some guys aren’t able to connect the hair that grows along the chin and sides of their face to their mustache or hair on their cheeks, and it makes a look similar to the one above. If that’s what you can grow, work it! An alternative would be to cut the sides of the “strap” part of the beard, or to just cut all of it and rock the mustache, alternatively a longer mustache with a shorter beard might look good, too.

Rustic Beard

rustic beard

This young fellow’s got a rustic outdoorsy type of beard, it’s slightly trimmed but not in a perfect type of way. It keeps some rustic element to it, and is trimmed shorter at the sides. Like the previous example, this beard doesn’t connect to this guy’s mustache and it doesn’t cover his cheeks, but by trimming this beard shorter on the sides, it gives a nicer appearance and doesn’t look as much like a “neckbeard” style.

There’s a lot that you can do to style your beard as a teenager, but a general rule of thumb is to keep it a bit shorter on the sides, and to let it grow a bit longer at the bottom on and under the chin.

Teen Beard Styles FAQ

How do I choose my beard style?

One might say that you don’t choose your beard style, your beard style chooses you. You can’t choose to have a beard style if it’s not something that you’re genetically able to grow, so the first step to choosing your beard style is being realistic about where you’re able to grow facial hair, and how it grows in. Start there, and it will narrow down your options, and from there you can start to think about what you like the best and what might suit your face the best.

Should a teenager shave his beard?

There’s a rumor you’ll often hear that says that when you shave your beard, it’ll grow in even more thickly. That’s not really true, but it seems true since teenagers are going to have beards that get thicker and thicker over time. So, you might shave your beard and notice that your next attempt is thicker, but that’s not because you shaved it, that’s just because you’re able to grow a better beard already.

What can a teenager do with a beard?

Generally speaking, you’ll start with a shorter beard that will leave a lot to be desired, but that’s part of growing up and not everyone’s beards come in the same, and plenty of guys are never able to grow a thick beard and that’s totally fine too – work with what you’ve got and make the best of it.

How should a teenager style a beard?

There’s no rules about how a teenager should style their beard. That’s totally up to you. This is a good time to try different things. Instead of just letting your beard grow in and leaving it however it looks, it’s a good idea to learn to trim and style it because it’s a skill you’ll use for the rest of your life.

Which Beard Styles for Teenagers are Your Favorites?

We looked at a handful of different beard styles for teenagers on this list, and we’re always adding more as we come across new inspiration! Hopefully these ideas helped to give you some inspiration for your own facial hair.

Remember, some teen guys just can’t grow beards yet, and that’s totally fine and normal and there’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone has different beard generics, and learning what to do with the beard you’re able to grow is the most important part of finding great beard styles for teens.

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