4 Ideas for Teen Boy Gifts that Aren’t Videogames

We’re not here to bash gaming or say that videogames can’t be a fun, educational, and productive hobby, not to mention a great social experience and a way to learn all sorts of great skills. They definitely can be all of those things, but that doesn’t mean they always are.

But sometimes, when you’re looking for gift ideas, you want something a bit different and that’s a great idea. While games can be great, they can also have a negative side, too. We won’t get into all of that right now, instead, we’ll offer some alternative teen boy gifts that aren’t videogames for you to consider.

Best Teen Boy Gift Ideas

Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is a fun game for kids and teens alike, and being able to play at dusk at a park is a lot of fun. We’re tired of hearing parents complain about kids and teens not going outside and enjoying the outdoors and physical activity, and then never getting them gifts that encourage that.

What do you expect them to do outside, play with a stick and a ball of dirt? Provide fun things to do, and you’ll instantly see them gravitating towards the outdoors.

LED Gloves

These are pretty awesome for a relatively inexpensive, easy, and unique gift. If the teen in your life likes to have dance parties, or wear costumes, they’ll absolutely love these gloves.

Ebook Reader

Everyone has tablets these days, or is usually on their cellphones, so ebook readers – like books before them – have kind of fallen by the wayside. But there’s something nice about having a device that’s ONLY for reading books.

You won’t get distracted from pop-ups or notifications. An Ebook reader that’s loaded up with a few books makes an excellent gift, especially for teens who love tech but could stand to read a little more.

Gift Cards for Teen Boys

A teen gift card is always a solid choice. There are all sorts of different themes that you can find for gift cards so even if it’s a bit less versatile than cash, you’ll still find something they’ll enjoy. This way, the teen can pick out their own gift to ensure they get exactly what theywant.


Skillshare is a site that is packed full of all sorts of different courses from photography, coding and programming, marketing, and much more.

These are all relevant, current career skills that can give a teenager the opportunity to start a side-job, or even a career.

They can explore tons of courses and choose the ones that interest them the most, making this one of the most amazing gifts for someone who will actually explore it and use it.

This is an amazing gift for teenagers, not just boys but girls, too.


Gift certificates for pizza are like gold for a teenager (or gift cards for any other restaurant that’s nearby, ideally in walking distance or near their home/school.) They can roll up to a gathering with friends on the weekend and grab a few pies and be a hero, or treat themselves to lunch. Either way, who doesn’t love pizza?

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