How To Tell It’s Time To Remodel a Teenager’s Bathroom

Sharing a bathroom with the whole family is a stress that many teenagers deal with, but some are fortunate enough to have their own bathroom, whether it’s in the basement with their room, or attached to a master bedroom, or they just happen to be the primary person using a main bathroom when the parents have a master bedroom with an attached bathroom.

Whatever the case may be, sometimes the teenager’s bathroom ends up getting kind of scuffed and worn out, and in need of a remodel. Perhaps they haven’t taken great care of it, kept the tub-surround clean from mildew etc, or perhaps it wasn’t in great shape to begin with. Either way, here are some things to keep in mind!

If You’re Planning to Move

If the family is thinking of selling the home in the near future and moving, it’s a good idea to get the bathroom in decent shape, according to experts:

“Take stock of your current bathroom as if you had never seen it before. Would you buy your current bathroom? If not, it’s likely time to make a few changes,” explains Norsemen, a remodeling company based in Louisville, KY.

If They’re Planning on Staying

If your teenager plans on living at home for a while, that’s a good time to renovate it so that they can enjoy a nicer bathroom while they’re sticking around. If your teen is moving out for school or something in the very near future, it’s probably not worth it to have the bathroom out of order

If They’ll Help

remodelling a bathroom

A good way to teach responsibility and some useful house-skills is to tell your teenager that they can have a nicer bathroom but they’ll have to do some of the work. If they’re handy, that can probably handle some of the more complex tasks, but anyone should be able to do a decent job painting the walls and other cosmetic stuff.

If It’s Not Meeting Their Needs

A teenager might have a lot of cosmetic type products, and if there aren’t drawers or shelves for them to store things, it’s bound to be messy. A messy room can lead to stress, can hurt focus, etc. So, a simple renovation to add some better storage can be really useful.

Is it Worth It To Remodel?

Remodeling a bathroom can be a large project if you’re overhauling everything, or a smaller series of odd-jobs that can still make a big difference. It just depends what you’re starting out with! Either way, it increases the value and appeal of your home, whether that’s for prospective home-buyers, or trying to get your teenager to go to a school in-state and to stick around home longer.

Sometimes, all it takes is a new coat of paint and a thorough cleaning, other times you might want to add a new tub/shower, upgrade the plumbing and hardware, or some new flooring tiles. Shelving, and even decorations can make the bathroom feel brand new again.

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