How To Get Community Service Hours Online for Students

Are you a high school student wondering how to get community service hours online? You probably need some awesome ideas too. Well you’ve come to the right place. This blog post covers all the information you need to know about community service hours online plus great ideas too. 

Online volunteering is a great choice for you as a high school student. It’ll help you develop your skills while helping others too. Online community service is a great way to expand your extracurricular activities. 

Online community service has become a popular choice since it can easily be done with your phone or laptop. All you have to do is conduct some research and select what you want to volunteer for. 

Well guess what? This article is going to make this easy for you. I’ve done the research, all you need to do is make your choice from my extensive list of ideas.  

15 Online Community Service Ideas For High School Students

Online Community Service Ideas

If you’re enthusiastic about dedicating your time to a worthy cause, then let’s get right into this. Here are 15 awesome online community service ideas for teenagers that you can get online. 

1. TeensGive

Kids from underdeveloped kids and financially challenged kids can’t obtain standard education. Teensgive lets you volunteer to assist these categories of students. This site matches learners with virtual instructors particularly learners in grades 9 to 11. 

2. Be My Eyes

If you’re interested in the medical field or caring for the disabled, you’ll love this one. Be My Eyes lets you be other people’s eyes (literally). 

You can help the blind or people with low vision to perform little tasks like checking expiration dates or reading product descriptions via video call. Basically, this app pairs people with impaired vision with sighted volunteers. 

3. Bookshare

Bookshare makes reading better for people with learning difficulties, dyslexia, palsy and developmental disorders. These individuals can access books tailored for them on Bookshare. 

Volunteers for Bookshare can assist with proofreading these materials and expanding the library’s collection. 

4. Amnesty Decoders

If you’re interested in cases relating to human rights violations, you’ll love this community service that you can do online. This platform lets volunteers use their phones or laptops to search for evidence (photos, documents, and videos) that’ll aid them in exposing human rights violations. 

It lets volunteers use their social media accounts to fish out things like abusive posts or pejorative tweets for researchers. 

5. Best Buddies

Best buddies is dedicated to helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their aim is to bring them out of social, physical and even economic isolation. 

A volunteer assists the platform by sending biweekly emails to learners. On best buddies, you’re paired with a buddy based on similar interests, games and geography. You’re responsible for making the person more involved and socially active. 

6. Learning Ally

Learning ally helps struggling readers from kindergarten to high school by providing audiobooks for them to listen to. Volunteers here are to use their voices to narrate more audiobooks and help these students. 

7. TechSoup

You’ll love this if you’re into tech. TechSoup provides a forum for high school students to share their technology tips and advice. This information is then used to make adequate changes in technology implementation and ensure a greater reach in communities. 

8. National Sexual Assault Online Hotline

This platform runs the Rape, Assault, &Incest National Network (RAINN). Volunteers should be 18 years old and above and would be offered a training course which they must complete. You would have to commit to online shifts too. 

9. Lifetime Connections Without Walls

If you’re passionate about supporting the elderly, this one’s for you. Lifetime Connection Without Walls provides various activities for elderly people. They have classes and other  cool things they can do from the comfort of their homes. 

Volunteers here help with reminding the elders of their sessions and helping to facilitate these sessions. 

10. Girls Inc.

If you have very limited time, you can volunteer at Girls Inc. With as little as 5 minutes per week, you can assist this organization by being a social media ambassador. 

You’ll need to create or share social media posts that aim to teach girls how to be focused, healthy, educated and independent. 

11. Cards for Cause

If you have a way with words and can easily make people feel better, you might wanna check this out. Cards for cause lets you craft handmade cards inscribed with beautiful and uplifting messages that’ll bring joy and comfort to the readers. 

You can create as many cards as you can and they’ll be properly distributed to the right people. How cool is that? 

12. Translator Without Borders 

Are you bilingual or multilingual? Well, then check this out.  This volunteer role involves helping in text, audio, and video translations. 

This is to help international organizations that are focused on improving the health and educational sectors. 

13. Learn to Be

This platform lets volunteers tutor other students (from elementary to high school) on a one-on-one level. You can help other students by offering to teach them the subjects they don’t seem to grasp. 

14. Mozilla

Aside from owning the popular browser, Firefox, Mozilla also operates a nonprofit. Volunteers here should be computer savvy as you’ll be testing, designing and programming. 

15. Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line accepts volunteers who are willing to sacrifice their time talking to depressed, stressed, and anxious people. This is quite serious so you’ll be trained first on how to go about it. 

You’ll need to commit to about 30 hours of internet based training before you can fully start. The people you’ll be talking to are people who are undergoing various kinds of emotional turbulence. So,you may also need to work at odd hours sometimes. 

Why You Should Volunteer For Community Service as a Teenager

Volunteer For Community Service

Aside from high school credits, why should you volunteer for online community service hours?

First off, you’ll find out new things about yourself. You’ll find out that you’re more capable than you imagined. Whether it’s caring for the elders or helping other learners, being responsible for other people will change you positively. 

Your self esteem and self worth will go higher because of the satisfaction that comes from helping humanity. You’ll also learn many life skills and make new social connections.

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