The Truth About High School Friends (and How to Keep Them)

The reality about high school friends is that each year that passes after you graduate high school, it will feel like you’re falling out of touch with more and more people that you used to see every single day for years.

If you’re still in high school and you’re thinking about planning ahead, or you’re out of high school and you want to make sure that you don’t lose touch with your high school friends, here’s some thoughts and some advice that I’ve curated from around the internet and mixed in with my own experiences.

I hope that you find all of this information to be very useful. I know that there are some people I wish I had kept in touch with more closely, but we’re in totally different parts of our lives now and that’s okay. On the other hand, there are some of my high school friends that are better kept as memories in the past.

The Truth About Losing and Keeping High School Friends

Keeping High School Friends

Certain people enter our lives are certain times, and they could even be a major part of our lives for years, but people will often leave your life, too. People change over time, and friends don’t always follow the same path, the same interests, or maintain the same values.

How do High School Friends Last?

Sometimes, people who became friends in high school will go on to remain friends for the rest of their lives. Their relationship will change over time, they may not see each other as often, but they’ll remain close – or best friends. What are these people doing, and how do high school friends last a lifetime?

That really varies from person to person. Being the type of person who can forgive others is one way to keep friendships lasting, as long as your friend is truly sorry if they’ve done something to wrong you. Otherwise, a common way that friendships end is if one of the people wrongs the other one, and they aren’t willing or able to work past it.

Other times, the friendship just fizzles out over time and there isn’t really any specific event that ended this high school friendship. HS friends move on sometimes, and that’s totally okay.

If you want to reach out to someone instead of having the friendship fizzle, it’s always worth a try! But even in some cases where both friends want to keep in touch, that isn’t always the case. So if only one person is gung-ho on maintaining the friendship, it’s probably not going to happen.

Why Do High School Friendships End?

High School Friendships

During high school, some friends will likely move away and many more will move away for college or university after high school.

This already accounts for a good chunk of high school friendships that may end, or at least look quite a bit different (keeping in touch on social media through likes and comments, as opposed to seeing each other every single day).

Friends at school are often made based on proximity. You see them often, you get to know them, you get along well enough, but many people in high school are still figuring out their personalities, their values, their morals, their ethics.

Sometimes, you’ll just grow apart and you won’t get along as well, you won’t like each other as much and that’s normal.

I had a friend who dropped out of high school and that’s when we started to lose touch. Do you ever wonder why do students dropout of high school?

I don’t really know if there are ever really any good reasons to dropout of high school, but I do know that being around friends is a great reason not to dropout.

High School Friends Quotes

Here are some quotes about friendship in high school that I’ve found around the web, I hope you are able to draw some meaning from them!

High School Friends Quotes

This next high school friendship quote is something that’s very true and relatable. Even if you don’t talk to them anymore, you’ll always remember them.

I’ll never forget my high school friends.

– Unknown

Vitamin C wrote the Graduation song, which is basically the anthem about life after school that was played at every graduation of every millennial.

Will the past be a shadow that will follow us around? Will these memories fade when I leave this town?

– Graduation by Vitamin C

Here’s another poignant line from the same song by Vitamin C. If you are feeling nostalgic, pull out your yearbook and put it on.

As we go on, we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change, come whatever
We will still be friends forever

– Graduation by Vitamin C

This is an interesting quote about friendship to think about. What are your thoughts on it, do you think it’s accurate? It makes sense to me.

Your college friends know who you are but your high school friends know why.

– katYkat

This is a great way to look at things. Memories are such a valuable thing. This, I believe, is why it’s such a good idea to keep a journal even if it’s just a quick rundown of the memorable moments from each month.

Making memories with friends is not a waste of time. It’s a lifetime moment that will surely treasure when an old age comes.

– Unknown

Many people feel this same way, that the most tolerable part of school is because that’s where their high school friends are.

The only reason why I love school is because it’s the place where all my friends are.

– Unknown

Muhammah Ali’s famous friendship quote is worth writing down and keeping close to you, because it’s very true. You don’t need a ton of friends, and you really don’t need any high school friends, to know how valuable a friend can be.

Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.

– Muhammad Ali

Which of these high school friends quotes did you like the best?

I love reading high school friendship quotes, and quotes about friends in general, so I’m happy to have had the chance to share some of my favorites with you. I would love to hear some of your favorites, too!

What If You Have No Friends in High School?

If you currently haven’t made any friends yet in high school, or you’re already done with high school and you didn’t really form any friendships, I want to take a moment for you.

no high school friends

Even if you feel very alone, you should know that you’re not the first person to have a rough time in high school or to not have any friends. I’m not bringing this up because it’s supposed to suddenly make you feel better to know that some random people out there also had a bad time in high school or are feeling lonely.

I’m bringing it up to let you know that many, many of the people who went through high school without forming any strong bonds with their peers have gone on to make great friendships later in life. Once you can choose where you work, and pursuit your own hobbies and interests outside of the boundaries that a school can place on you, you’ll have many more opportunities to meet people that you like, and that like you for who you are.

This is kind of a stereotype but it seems to play out. The people who were super popular in high school may go on to live normal, or even somewhat disappointing lives in some cases… The people who were loners often go on to blossom and bloom after high school. Of course, there are exceptions to either side of this, and this is by no means an attack on popular people, it’s just a remind that many people who had no friends in high school can still go on to have fulfilling social lives once they’ve gotten their footing after high school.

Some of the most successful people spend their high school years learning how to make money as a teenager, or becoming masters at their hobbies, or studying to become very smart… and all of these things will help you a lot more, later in life, than going to a party or staying out late with friends.

That’s not to say it isn’t important and good to have friends, but remember that your life is just getting started and once you’re out of high school, none of this will really matter, your best years are still ahead. Nonetheless, if you’re having a difficult time and you aren’t really sure who to talk to, there are some great hotlines for teenagers that you can call.

High School Friendships Come and Go, But High School Friends are Forever

highschool friends

Even if you lose touch with your high school friends later in life, you’ll still always have the memories of your younger days together. The actual friendships, the high school friendships, may not last forever – but that person will always have been your friend, and you’ll always have a special connection.

People go different ways in life, and sometimes that means moving away or cutting ties or just simply losing touch with your old high school friends. You’ll make new friends and you’ll meet all sorts of amazing people in your life, but your HS friends will always hold a special place in your heart.

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