11 Fun Things To Do As A Teenager RIGHT NOW!

Finding fun things to do as a teenager isn’t always easy. It can feel like you’re too young to do certain things, but too old to do other things. A big part of letting loose and having a lot of fun involves letting your guard down, not worrying about whether you’re doing something “cool” or something “dorky”,. and just trying the things you want to try and doing the things you want to do.

We’ve already made a huge list of fun things for teenagers to do with friends, and there will be a bit of overlap on this list, but I’m also going to include a lot of things that you can do as a teenager on your own.

Being able to keep yourself occupied and amused is one of the most useful life skills for teens, because it can save you from feeling bored (obviously), and it probably means you’ll be more fun to be around when you’re with other people, too.

Furthermore, being comfortable entertaining yourself and finding fun things to do can also keep you out of trouble, by not feeling insecure and getting in with the wrong group of people, or being in a bad relationship because you’re afraid you’ll be too bored on your own, and so on.

But that’s getting a little off track, right? Let’s focus back on this list of suggestions and ideas of fun things to do as a teenager. Some of these ideas will appeal to older teens, and some will appeal to younger ones, but remember – if something sounds fun to you, try it out!

Sometimes, you want a break from looking at a screen, or maybe your parents are nagging you to do more activities without using your cellphone or computer? Hopefully these ideas of fun things to do as a teen will inspire you to find some ways to pass the time without a screen.

Free Things for Teens to Do

Free Things for Teens to Do

These are some ideas of fun things to do as a teenager that don’t even cost money, or if they do, it’s a very small amount.

1. Visit a Museum

Whether we’re talking about a huge, world-class art museum if you live in a big city, or a small aviation museum or farming museum if you’re in a smaller town, many museums will have free or greatly reduced admission for students and teenagers. Some museums even have days where it’s free to go visit.

Put together of some of the local museums that are near you, or within a day’s drive, and decide which ones interest you the most.

This is the type of thing that might not seem super fun, if you’re not someone whose into this kind of thing, but it’s a great way to spend an hour or two and it’s the type of memory that you’re glad you experienced.

2. Organize a Clothing Swap

Do you have some friends who wear similar sizes of clothing? Having a closet swap/clothing swap is a good way to find a new home for some of the clothes you aren’t wearing anymore, and a great excuse to get together with some friends.

You could also do this for video games or just about anything else. Instead of having something sit in a closet, here’s a fun, free activity for teenagers and everyone wins!

After everyone has had a chance to look through everyone else’s clothes that they don’t want anymore, you can donate the leftovers to a local shelter, or an organization that collects donations to either distribute or to sell for charity.

One of the ways that teenagers can make money is by selling clothing online, too, on a site like Poshmark so that’s always an option, too.

3. Free Birthday Stuff

Many stores or restaurants, for example Starbucks, will give you free stuff on your birthday. You can spend a bit of time researching which franchise or local businesses offer freebies for birthdays, and go on a little tour the next time your special day rolls around.

In some cases, they’ll let you take advantage of the free birthday offers during your birthday week, or the day before and after your birthday too at least, which makes it easier to fit all of it in.

4. Go For a Walk

Going for a walk or a hike is a great way to pass some time, to do something that feels good physically, and is healthy for you. You can walk through nature

This could also fit into the next category of things for teenagers to do alone, but going for a walk with friends is also really enjoyable. It’s a great time to talk, and the fresh air and exercise can open people up to some really great conversations.

There are ways that you can make a walk a bit more fun, too. There are games like Pokemon Go that add a layer of interactivity and a game into a regular walk. Geocaching is another way to “spice up” a typical walk, but sometimes it’s nice to just unplug from apps and social media and to just be present in the moment, especially after hearing about some of the negative effects of social media on teens.

Fun Things for Teenagers to do Alone

Fun Things for Teenagers to do Alone

Sometimes, teenagers (and everyone else) just needs to spend a little time by themselves, but time alone doesn’t have to be boring. Learning to enjoy yourself is one of the best ways to build a strong personality, confidence, and to have a lot more to offer the other people in your life without coming off as codependent or needy.

5. Reading a Book for Teens

Here’s another idea that will either resonate strongly if you’re already a teen who likes to read, or it’ll fall flat if you think reading is boring.

The point here is to try things you wouldn’t normally try. There’s got to be a good or series that interests you, or even something non-fiction you’d like to learn about on a deeper level than you’d find from a YouTube video, a Wikipedia article, or a few blog posts.

Maybe you’d enjoy one of the best fantasy books for teens, or something from a different genre?

Either way, reading a book can be a really fun activity for bored teenagers and a great way to pass the time. Have you ever gotten really, really engrossed in a good to a point where hours fly by without you realizing it? It can be such a great alternative to just watching a movie or listening to a podcast.

6. Learning to Draw or Practicing Other Arts

Drawing, writing, playing music, or even just doodling can be a lot of fun, very affordable, and they’re also productive activities for teenagers who want to feel like they’re doing something useful with their time, beyond just enjoying themselves and having fun.

It’s important to have fun, especially during your downtime, but there’s great value in doing things that push you and challenge you in creative ways, to build up new skills and find new ways to express yourself.

7. Meditation

If you know, you know! But if you’re new to meditation and the idea of mindfulness for teens, this can be an incredibly calming way to gain more introspection over your mind and your body, too.

Meditation is a widely used practice to help with mindfulness, and it can also be an amazing workout and a useful mental health tool.

There are probably some meditation classes near you, it could be a fun activity to join with some friends, especially if they offer classes specifically for teenagers. Alternatively, you can find all sorts of meditation classes and guided meditations on YouTube that you can watch for free, right now.

Inexpensive Ways to Have Fun as a Teenager

Inexpensive Ways to Have Fun as a Teenager

Here are some ideas for fun things to do when you’re a teen that cost a bit of money, but not too much. If you have a part time job or an allowance, you should be able to afford these things, especially if there’s a group of you. If not, take a look at some of the free ideas we’ve listed throughout this page.

8. Pack a Picnic Lunch

Putting together a picnic lunch doesn’t have to cost much more than $10 or $15, you can grab some snacks, make some sandwiches and other easy foods, and you’re all set. If you don’t already have a picnic basket, you can always buy one from a second hand store, or just use a cooler instead.

Picnics are also one of the best cute date ideas for teens but whether you’re going on a picnic with someone special, or just with some good friends, don’t forget to bring a Frisbee, some books like fantasy books for teens, or some other fun things to do while you’re there!

9. Go-Karts

Go-Karting usually costs a few bucks per round, and there’s a lot of other things to do at most places that have Go-Karts. You could do a round of mini golf, have some snacks or a bite to eat, a few laps on the Go-Kart track and end up spending under $25 or $30 per person, depending on where you go and if you have any coupons or other promotions.

In either case, hearing out to an amusement park is relatively affordable, and can be a ton of fun – especially when you’re with the right group of people.

10. Visit Some Garage Sales

You can find all sorts of cool stuff at garage sales around your community, you might even find some cool gift ideas for people in your life. If you’re at the age where you’re moving out soon or going away to college and will be living in a dorm, shopping at garage sales is also a great way to get a lot of the things you’ll need for cheap.

You can put together a little checklist of stuff you’re looking for a year or two before you plan to move out, if you have the time, and by the time you move out you’ll have a high quality, eclectic collection of kitchenware, furniture, and other essentials.

11. Have a Sleepover With Some Friends

If it’s a weekend or it’s summertime and class is out, you can plan a sleepover with some friends including activities like sleepover games for teenagers. These are some fun memories and great opportunities to bond with old friends and new friends alike. You could build forts, order pizza, make snacks, and lots of other fun stuff.

Looking For More Fun Things To Do As a Teenager?

If these ideas aren’t enough, you’ll have some come up with some ideas of your own! Being able to entertain yourself and come up with fun stuff to do on your own or with friends can make life a lot more enjoyable since you’ll always be able to dig yourself out of boredom and to entertain those around you.

This list of things to do as a teenager should give you plenty of ideas to get you started, and to inspire other ideas to keep you going once you’ve checked off everything that interests you from this list.

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