First Day of High School Tips Every Student Needs To Hear

The first day of high school can be absolutely terrifying, and pretty exciting, too.

People who have older siblings will usually have a bit more insight into what to expect, depending on how much their older siblings are trying to calm them, or troll them into being even more afraid of high school.

In any case, we’ve compiled some useful first day of high school tips for freshmen, and students of all ages. Even if you’re going into senior year and it’s not your first rodeo, these tips will be helpful for your first day in high school.

10 First Day of High School Tips

First Day of High School

The first day of high school is nothing to fear. By preparing, planning ahead, and following some useful tips – you’ll be ready for the big day! Here are some tips, some advice, and some things that are good to know.

1. It’s Mostly Fun

The first day of high school is usually pretty fun, once you shake the awkwardness off. You’ll meet some interesting people, some funny stuff will happen, and you’ll realize that whatever you were worried about isn’t as bad as you were expecting.

The worst part is having to end the summer, and wake up early again everyday, but you’ll get used to it! You’ve had plenty of first days of school already, and the first day of your high school career is a major one.

It’s not going to be that much different other than you have a lot more freedom in high school, you’ll experience a lot of new things, you’ll learn much more interesting stuff, and you’ll be laying the groundwork for the rest of your life.

2. Find Your People

Find a friend you recognize from elementary school, or try to find the group that you’ll get along with in high school. Don’t worry, you can make friends with different cliques. If you’re more of a loner, that’s okay! Find someone else who is sitting alone and sit with them.

The friends you make early on in high school might not be the people you’re partying with at graduation, and that’s okay, too. Who knows, you might even end up graduating early from high school.

The point is, if you can find even one or two people to get along with early on, it makes high school a lot more tolerable. You don’t have to be the most popular kid in school, having a few good friends is important. You’ll keep in touch with some of your high school friends for the rest of your life, so choose wisely, but don’t be afraid to talk to people you might not normally think you would get along with.

Everyone’s trying to find their place in the world, and high school is a good time to meet different types of people and learn from different experiences.

3. Most Students Are Nervous

If you feel anxious and nervous about the first day of high school, congrats, you’re normal – so does everyone else. Well, there are a few students who aren’t nervous, but they’re the rare ones. It’s much more common to feel nervous, and most students are feeling this.

Remember, it’s the first day of high school for everyone else, too – not just for you.

Even if some students seem more comfortable or can put on a better facade, chances are they felt pretty similar beforehand.

It’s normal to feel nervous on the first day of school, but there are still things you can do to reduce these feelings and to speed up the process of getting comfortable, and we’ll be going over a lot of those, so keep reading!

4. People Are Thinking About Themselves

While it’s true that kids can be judgemental and mean sometimes, for the most people, people are focusing on themselves and not you. If you say something awkward, or do something a little weird, it’s not the end of the world.

It might feel like the whole world is looking at you and judging you, but most people are just going about their lives.

If something happens and you feel embarrassed or humiliated (which is super unlikely to happen, anyways) just remember that even if people razz you about it a bit, it’s not a big deal and nobody really cares that much, and you’re going to think about it more than anyone else so try to just move on.

5. It’s Good To Plan Ahead a Bit

You should plan ahead a little and prepare for your first day of high school. This is a great way to shake your nerves. Do everything that you can do, such as…

  • Get you lunch ready/have your lunch money ready
  • Get your clothes ready
  • Pack your bag the night before
  • Get all of your textbooks and school supplies in order
  • Charge your phone, headphones, etc
  • Make a copy of your schedule and save one to your phone

The less you have to gather and think about on the first day of school, the easier your morning will go. Get this stuff out of the way ahead of time, and it’ll be smooth sailing.

6. First Day of High School Outfits

First Day of High School Outfits

Choosing first day of high school outfits is something that a lot of students stress over. They’ll spend all summer worrying about what they’re going to wear on the first day.

Honestly, wear something that you’re comfortable in, something that’s “you”. It’s normal to want to have a more mature style after moving on from elementary, but plenty of students will be wearing a pair of jeans and a graphic tee of their favorite band or TV show or whatever. It’s all good.

This is something that feels massive as you plan, but it’s something you won’t really look back on. A week into high school, you won’t care or remember what you wore on the first day. Just be comfy, be yourself, and don’t worry too much about what you’re wearing.

Having said that, if you’re getting your photo taken, your parents will probably be happy if you put on a nice shirt or something and it’s never a bad idea to try to make a first impression and to present yourself well. But in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter all that much.

7. First Day of High School Activities

First Day of High School Activities

Your school will give you some sort of itinerary of what to expect from the first day of high school activities. It might include having your photo taken, a quick tour of the school, meeting your teachers, and some activities to get to know the other students.

It’s going to vary from school to school, and also depends on the size of your new high school.

You might also want to take the initiative and plan some activities with your friends like grabbing lunch together, or going for a walk during your breaks, or even meeting up for breakfast before school.

8. To Go Freshman Orientation

If your new school offers a freshman orientation day before the actual first day of school, it’s a really good idea to attend this. It’s a more laid-back atmosphere, it’s less stressful, and it lets you get to know the school a bit and what to expect.

You’ll have a chance to learn where your classes are located so that you aren’t scrambling to find your next class and showing up late, and you’ll get to meet some people, learn the ropes, etc. It’s just a good idea for you to choose to attend your school’s orientation if it’s an optional thing.

9. Use Reminders

You have an incredible tool in your pocket with your cellphone. There are downsides to teenage cellphone use, obviously, but using it for school is very positive.

There’s nothing wrong with setting reminders on your cellphone for when homework is due, for events, and even just using it as a schedule for your day. Students used to have to carry around a day planner to keep track of their stuff, and that’s still not a bad idea, but if you can do it on your phone instead – that’s totally fine!

10. Pick Some Fun Electives

If you’re choosing your classes (and you probably will have done this before the first day of school, but it’s still a good tip), pick some electives that you’re going to enjoy. Unless you’re trying to do a super accelerated course load so you can finish school early, there’s no harm in finding some classes you’ll actually enjoy and look forward to.

Read more about high school electives.

It makes the whole experience a lot more tolerable. If you know there’s a class at the end of the day on a subject that really interests you, they’ll feel more motivated to get through the important classes that aren’t as interesting.

First Day of High School Quotes

First Day of High School Quotes

Here are some first day of high school quotes that might mean something to you.

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”

Anthony J. D’Angelo

“Education doesn’t just make us smarter. It makes us whole.”

Jill Biden

“Don’t try hard to fit in, and certainly don’t try hard to be different… just try hard to be you.”


“Take your risks now. As you grow older, you become more fearful and less flexible.”

Amy Poehler

“This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change.”

Taylor Swift

First Day of High School Questions and Answers:

Here are some commonly asked questions about the first day of high school and some helpful answers to help you get through it.

How can I stop being nervous on the first day of high school?

You can stop being nervous on the first day of high school by remembering that this is something everyone goes through, and most people are just as nervous as you, even if they’re able to hide it.

It’s okay to be nervous. You may be seeing a lot of your elementary school friends there, or you may be the new kid in a brand new high school. Either way, it’s an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends, and you will – just put yourself out there a bit, and give yourself time to find your group.

How do you feel on the first day of high school?

You feel anxious, excited, nervous, and curious on your first day of high school. You might also feel a bit overwhelmed. Whatever you feel, just remember those feelings will soften as you get more used to the day in and day out of high school. The first few days are going to be overwhelming, but you’ll get settled in before you know it.

How do I prepare for my first day of high school?

You can prepare for your first day of high school by making sure that you have everything you need prepared ahead of time. Pack your backpack, print an extra copy of your schedule and keep a copy on your phone, and even look at the layout of the school ahead of time so that you know where to find all of your classes.

You can visit the high school early and take a walk around before it’s super crowded and busy if you’re someone who will feel a lot less anxious by doing that, too.

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