Easy Skills to Write a Good Research Paper for Teenagers

How to do a research paper? Well, it is an extensive piece of writing that uses facts from different sources to arrive at a conclusion. It is a significant part of college, as lecturers use it to assess students’ understanding and comprehension of a topic. But developing a compelling academic text takes a lot of work. Even some professional research writers need help to write effective essays. 

What makes an academic paper difficult is not dependent on the topic. Most times, the research goes well if you have credible sources. It is not to say the issue is your writing. Some general skills can be applied to take your work from below-par to above expectations. Most students aim to get an exciting grade for any school task. Most professional scholars seek ways to make their work easier. The article brings you basic writing skills to improve your research paper writing. 

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Skills To Improve Your Research Paper Writing 

What are research writing skills? The competencies required to write an academic essay are not different from ordinary writing skills. There are some basic individual abilities that have to be developed to come up with a compelling research paper:

Creating an Outline

Creating an outline is a basic procedure that helps make writing easier. It is brief but detailed information on the contents of the essays.

Generally, your research paper has to include an introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion. An outline consists of the sub-topics discussed in the article. The scheme has two functions. To keep you on track with the writing and let your reader flow and know what the paper contains.

Adequate Time Management 

time management

Coming up with compelling research requires giving it proper attention. It means the essay is done promptly. While writing the article, take your time. Likewise, you have to meet the deadline of the paper.

Knowing how to manage the time of a person properly will automatically make writing an academic piece compelling. The first thing is to create a milestone. This milestone includes the beginning date and when you plan to complete the article. Achieve each milestone by using an already created outline.

Build your Writing Style

When writing a research paper, the style of writing is essential. There are different writing styles, which include persuasive and descriptive, among others. An article should be informative overall.

But you can add a compelling style in the paper introduction to hook the reader into the piece. Persuasive writing style hooks the reader and makes them wonder what is behind the remaining pages. It is one secret on how to write a research paper.

Language Proficiency 

The research paper is written in a language that the reader understands. Good sentences attract better marks. Avoid grammatical errors and make your essays easy to read. Remove fluffs and fill them up with facts. Moreover, long sentences get boring and mixed up for the reader. The paper is written fluently to readers. The use of simple words to pass information is significant as well.

Basic Vocabulary

The usage of vocabulary in scientific paper writing is vital. The verbs and adjectives need to be descriptive, explanatory, and analytical. It implies that you need to know how to use many simple words to pass information correctly. The vast knowledge of terms prevents repetition in the essay. Using the far correct verb tense and maintaining the tense is also important. Remember to keep the words simple so that they are easy to understand. 

Use of Punctuation 

Punctuation generally allows the written piece to be understandable. Punctuation is crucial in the research paper, and using it adequately helps to pass the correct information. Use the full stop when you are done with a sentence. Using punctuation may sound simple and basic, but you need to know how to use it accurately.

Proofreading and Editing 

An academic essay usually involves many pages. One has to be active to read each page. Word after word, to ensure there are no errors and the sentences flow into one another. That makes it easier for the reader to comprehend. Proofreading skills are essential to become a proficient writer.

It helps to keep the stance that the writing is not filled with grammatical errors. The trick is to proofread it in batches. After the first and second draft of the research paper has been completed, share the documents in smaller bits. Take the first bit and peruse properly, one after the other, and ensure you are energized.

Use Credible Sources

Knowing how to use suitable sources for the study makes writing the academic article easier. Information is the power you need to tackle your lecturers. When you use credible sources, add a citation to the work. For every fact you write, add where you got the information from. Adding authority sites makes it easier for your lecturer to read because they do not doubt the information present in the work.

Data Interpretation and Reasoning

When conducting research, you have to interpret specific data and information. Data gives you proven facts on a particular topic. Learning the data interpretation skill removes the stress of coming up with a compelling paper. The ability to think and interpret the outcome of a result makes it easier to tell your audience what the findings are from the study you have carried out. 


When writing an academic paper, apply discipline. The allocated time to each of the work should be kept to. Avoid procrastination and ensure you finish the report on or before the deadline. Also, do not be ashamed to ask for clarification from the lecturer or other students. Discipline makes the work easier and faster to complete.

Concluding Note

The process of writing a research paper can be quite challenging. Questions about doing it correctly are commonly asked, and we hope this article has provided ways to make it easier.

In any case, you will need to learn basic writing skills to improve your research paper. Academic writing poses some challenges, but one should be able to scale through quickly by following the rules and building on good writing skills. Everybody can be a writer, but to be an outstanding academic writer, it is necessary to understand the fundamentals of writing and follow instructions correctly. 

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