3 Best Databases with 100% Free Essay Samples

In today’s digital age, students have unprecedented access to various resources to help them deal with homework and enhance their academic writing skills. Some require payments; others can be used absolutely for free.

Editor’s note: There are many helpful resources for students and teens who need help with their essays. There are ethical ways to use these tools, and unethical ways to use them that could get you in serious trouble with your school. Using a tool to write your entire essay for you will almost certainly be detected, if not today then soon, but using essay samples as inspiration and to get things rolling is a perfectly acceptable part of the writing process.

The easiest ways for the busiest (or the laziest) students to get the job done are hiring a professional writer or creating a text with an AI-powered content generator. In the first instance, you’ll need to fork out; in the second – you risk being exposed and accused of violating principles of academic integrity. Fortunately, there’s another workaround that can save you precious time and hard-earned cash.

Free essay samples. They allow you to draw overall inspiration, come up with topic ideas, conduct thorough research, dig up perfect writing models, and discover new information sources – and thus, develop papers on average twice faster.

What’s more, using them is completely risk-free and, in most cases, doesn’t require paying even a penny. Legitimate question: where to find free pre written essays to empower students in their academic pursuits? In specialized online databases and sites that host sample directories.

We present you the top 3 resources that offer high-quality sample academic papers and essays for free. Created specifically for college and university students, these tools can become a trick up your sleeve if you want to ace virtually any writing task!

TOP 3 Websites with Free Essays Online You Can Use as Writing Models to Craft Better Papers Faster

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WowEssays.com – Almost 150K of 100% Free Essays & Other Academic Papers

WowEssays is an online platform that hosts one of the largest open-access sample paper databases on the Internet. Its library contains close to 150.000 completely free essays online and counting – new entries are added to the index daily.

As a result, this directory is an invaluable resource for all and every purpose students dealing with a writing assignment might have. Be it searching for interesting topic ideas, discovering new perspectives for well-worn issues, or looking up research materials and sources – you can do it all right here.

Yet, the most advantageous use of the WowEssays database is finding a relevant free full essay sample and using it as a writing model. The service claims that the majority of the published papers were crafted by experts in respective fields.

For years, this has been part of their job as professional writers-for-hire in the parent custom writing company. This means that each paper undergoes a meticulous review process to ensure its accuracy, depth of research, and adherence to academic conventions. Accordingly, you can expect a high standard of quality of the provided academic paper samples.

Using them as models will let you spot the best practices in terms of content structuring and presentation, explore different writing styles, examine correct formatting, and improve overall content flow.

By the way, if using samples doesn’t work out for you, there’s an option to order a piece from an expert, and it will be crafted exclusively for you according to your specific requirements which can help you on the path, however – remember – you need to write your final essay yourself.

The WowEssays sample collection covers a wide range of topics (900+), disciplines (70+), and academic levels (high school, college, bachelor, Master’s, Ph.D.), ensuring that students can find relevant and high-quality materials for their assignments. Whether it is an essay, research paper, thesis, or even a dissertation chapter, WowEssays offers a rich selection of ready papers contributed by experienced writers, researchers, and scholars.

Database navigation is as simple as it gets. All samples are categorized by paper types and topics. Also, you can enter a keyword, phrase, or topic into the on-site search engine and get all relevant entries on one page. We see just one drawback here: for such a huge library, the search evidently lacks filters to fine-tune and sort out the results.

In addition to the academic paper samples, WowEssays offers a directory of free writing tools aimed at speeding up writing and editing and enhancing students’ overall productivity.

write a perfect exam essay

Among the two dozen handy utilities, you can find grammar and readability checkers, topic and citation generators, plagiarism checker, paraphrasing tool, etc. A wide selection of utilities lets you improve the writing process at each stage, from brainstorming to final editing.

Finally, we cannot but mention an AI-powered content generator and an engaging blog with writing guides, topic collections for various types of papers, and education-related news.

By taking the most of the resources WowEssays offers, students can speed up their writing and ensure it is polished, well-structured, and properly cited. Sooner than later, this will lead to the overall improvement of your writing skills, which is crucial for a successful academic career.

Our verdict here is that WowEssays.com is one of a few actually working websites that write essays for you free, and it absolutely must be bookmarked.

WePapers.com – Free Essay Database to Unlock Your Writing Potential

WePapers.com is another remarkable platform that hosts a comprehensive and diverse database of free academic paper samples. They empower students in their writing endeavors, aid topic selection, facilitate research, and help discover new reference sources.

The WePapers’ key features are very much similar to the ones of WowEssays:

  • Open access to already written sample papers;
  • Wide range of sample types: essays, research papers, case studies, reports, reviews, proposals, theses, and about two dozen others;
  • Covering virtually any topic your school might throw at you;
  • Sample categorization by paper types, topics, and disciplines;
  • Built-in search engine and the tag system that helps find more relevant papers;
  • Several free essay writing tools and a blog with how-to guides and topic lists;
  • Even a custom writing service is there, only as a side project.

Seemingly, the main difference between WePapers and the previous database is that everything here is, ahem, smaller. It has fewer than 20.000 samples, fewer writing tools, fewer blog entries, etc.

Also, there’s no possibility to download the published samples with a single click. If you want to save the text, you’ll need to copy-paste it single-handedly. On the flip side, a smaller database where each entry has several key tags means faster and easier search.

The main thing is that you still get an easy-to-use database with high-quality samples covering a wide range of subjects and academic levels. They can serve as writing models, sources of inspiration, topic ideas, and references for your assignments.

Eventually, thanks to using expertly crafted examples, you can expect to improve your writing style, learn to structure arguments efficiently, and enhance your overall academic performance.

Be that as it may, WePapers.com is a valuable resource you want to have under the belt in case you like looking through free essay papers before taking on your own piece.

PaperHelp.org – Expertly Crafted Free Essay Examples for College & University Students from an Established Writing Service

We need to mention right away that PaperHelp.org is not a typical sample database. The company’s main focus is providing custom writing services when you send them a prompt with specific requirements, and based on it, a professional writer crafts a unique paper from scratch exclusively for you.

However, the PaperHelp website also hosts an online directory that includes around 100 free college essay samples. Respectively, it cannot boast a really wide selection of papers and serves more for illustrative purposes of what the company can deliver its customers if they decide to place an order.

And as the service focuses primarily on composing college and university essays and research papers, they naturally make the lion’s share of available samples. Apart from them, you can also find case studies, capstone projects, courseworks, speeches, and even an infographic.

If the directory size and sample variety aren’t PaperHelp’s strongest sides, then what is, you might ask. The answer to this question and the primary reason why this directory made it to the list of the best free essay websites is that all samples are developed by the service’s staff experts.

The emphasis on quality and compliance with the highest academic writing standards is what makes PaperHelp samples stand out. Papers are contributed by experienced writers, researchers, and scholars well-versed in their respective fields and meticulously checked by the Quality Assurance department managers.

Therefore, students can trust the authenticity and credibility of the samples, making them invaluable resources for referencing and learning from top-notch academic writing.

It’s also worth mentioning that each entry includes properly cited references and sources. This enables students to discover new scholarly articles, books, journals, and reputable websites, expanding their knowledge base and enhancing the credibility of their own research.

Hence, if you need a great admission, scholarship application, narrative, expository, persuasive, or argumentative essay sample, PaperHelp’s directory is definitely one of the top choices.

Maybe, you won’t find an example that exactly matches your topic, but in terms of using the available samples as writing models for proper content presentation and structuring, the collection is second to none.

The published papers serve as a launching pad, guiding students toward the best practices in academic writing and providing a benchmark for students to improve their own skills. Numerous blog entries with how-to guides and topic collections can also be remarkably useful and beneficial.

Alternatively, you can purchase a custom essay crafted by a pro writer. For that, just place an order, ask “Help me write a paper,” and pay the estimated price. Within the pre-set deadline, you’ll get the ready piece developed in full accordance with your instructions and checked with anti-plagiarism software and AI-generated content detectors. Feel free to use it as yours only writing model and build your own paper around it.

As you can see, online sample databases are invaluable resources for students embarking on academic writing assignments. First of all, diverse collections of high-quality, well-reviewed academic papers can serve as writing models to follow. By doing so, you can learn how to structure your own papers correctly, develop coherent arguments, and refine your writing style.

Additionally, you can find original topic ideas and unexpected approaches to jaded issues, new research material, and unexplored information sources. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use free essays to copy the content, as plagiarism detectors will instantly red-flag it. Instead, employ them to overcome writer’s block and kick-start the creative process – and the top 3 sample directories we’ve introduced to you are the best tools for this task!

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