Braid Hairstyles for Black Teenagers [Lots of Pics!]

Black hair is something to be proud of, never ashamed. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. How annoying is it to spend half of the time getting made fun of for Black hair and the other half dealing with people coming up and wanting to touch it, admiring it, and trying to copy it after making rules about how it’s allowed to look like being told it’s unprofessional? Anyways, I’m going to ruin my day if I keep thinking about that stuff so let’s just get right into some gorgeous braid hairstyles for black teenagers. I want to start with some ideas for girls, and then we’ll get into some braid inspiration for guys, too.

Braids for Black Teenage Girls

Here are some ideas for braid hairstyles for Black teenage girls. If you’re looking for guys’ braids, keep scrolling! I will include a link to instructions on how to do these different Black girl braids as much as possible but my main goal here is to give you ideas and inspiration so that you can make your own (The purpose of this gallery isn’t to teach you how to braid, it’s to give you ideas.)

You can decide on a style with bright colors or just stick with your natural hair color. Some of these braids for Black teenagers will have intricate and complex patterns and will take a great deal of skill, and some of them are simpler patterns (but they still take plenty of skill to do perfectly!) It comes down to finding what you like and what you’re able to do. If you know someone who braids they will have ideas for you too! You can learn to braid your own hair, too.

Here are some tutorials for braiding Black hair:

How to cornrow for beginners: Watch this useful video below. It’s had over 10 million views because it’s great.

How to do stitch braid: This video is very relaxing and satisfying to watch, you’ll love it.

A Glossary of Black Hair Terms

More ideas of braids for Black women

Braids for Guys

I’m adding more braid hairstyles for black teenagers soon!

Make sure you check back because I want to grow this page to include a lot more styles and more lessons and tips for braiding black teen hair! If you like that then I’m glad. If there are specific styles of braids you want to see please let us know because it’s all for you. Thanks!