5 Online Bible Lessons for Teenagers (Group & Solo Study)

Bible lessons for teens are a great way to learn lessons about life, and to better understand the teachers of God and His message. During difficult times, it’s not always possible or practical to attend bible lessons, but there are plenty of online bible studies and lessons that you can explore from your mobile phone, your desktop computer, or a laptop.

If you’re looking to read some scripture that pertains to the experience of teenagers, take a look at these bible verses for teenagers.

Bible Study Lessons for Teens

bible study lessons for teens

YouTube is a great place to find bible studies for teens, there are many different channels and you can find the ones you like the best, subscribe to them, and follow all of their studies!

If you run a youth group or a ministry and you’re looking for ideas for bible study to do with your group, you can also purchase bible study lesson plans from a number of different websites. Some of these sites also offer free versions that you can download, so here’s a quick list of sites that offer bible study for teenagers.

Free Youth Bible Study Lessons

If you’re looking for free youth bible study lessons, without having to pay any money, this website (Creative Bible Study) has some free options available for you.

Youth World is another website with free studies that you can access from your computer or mobile device.

And finally, a third site that you can visit for additional resources is Teen Sunday School.

While there are businesses based around sharing bible study lessons, who need to charge money in order to be able to afford to continue operating, and that’s okay! But if you’re on a tight budget and you still want to dive-in with your studies, there are plenty of free options out there, too!

Teen Group Bible Study

The above video features Mark Matlock going over a group bible study for teens, what do you think about it? What lessons do you take away from this video? Are you going to make any adjustments to how you’re living based on what you’ve learned? Do you disagree with any of the points mentioned in the video? Discussion is important, and so is challenging your ideas to form even stronger faith and belief! If you’re just taking everything in one ear, and not letting it process in the middle in your brain before it goes out the other ear, it’s not really a study, is it? So, an important part of bible study is making sure you’re really soaking in what you’re hearing, understanding it, processing it, and getting to the message and the meaning.

More Bible Lessons for Youths

Youth bible lessons can be life changing! What’s the difference between lessons for adults, and lessons for youths? Well, the messages can be the same, but the context can be a bit different sometimes, to make the lessons more accessible for younger people. Making the bible more accessible to younger generations, without losing the core values and meanings, is an important way to keep the faith alive and to ensure that future generations are able to benefit from the teachings of the bible. Bible lessons for youth groups can incorporate games, scripture reading, sharing stories and discussion time for a fun, rewarding experience for everyone involved.

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