Advice For a Teenage Girl [From a Loving Mom]

As a mom of three and a teacher of teenagers, I know how tough teenage life can be these days. 

I want to give you some advice about life to help you navigate through any tough times you may be having and remember, you are not alone! Most of the things we learn in life, whether positive or negative, usually come from our own life experiences.

A Mom’s Advice for a Teenage Girl

Talking to someone you trust about your feelings, worries and ideas is one of the best ways you can process issues and relationships in your teenage years (and throughout your adult life, too).

I advise confiding in a reliable friend for a perspective from someone of a similar age to you.  Your parents, and siblings if you have any, can be brilliant to chat with as they know you so well. 

Write it Down

If you feel you can’t talk very openly about your feelings, writing in a diary or journal is a brilliant way of getting your thoughts organized. 

One of the best life tips for teenage girls is that it can be very relaxing to focus on writing, and putting your ideas down on paper may help you work out solutions to any problems you may be worried about.  

My Advice for Teenage Girls: Manners are Everything

It may sound a bit old-fashioned, but some good advice is that manners are just so vital in making a great impression and allowing you to go through life more smoothly. 

Positive and genuine manners can make relationships easier, will get you a long way at school and will help you do well in any job you have in life, including after school jobs.

But remember that having good manners doesn’t mean that you have to let everyone walk all over you. You can be polite and still stand up for yourself, have a backbone, and be assertive.

Advice For a Teenage Girl About School

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Get Organized!

Being organized at school is my best advice for a teenage girl to do well and reduce any stress she may be feeling. If you have a locker then use it sensibly, don’t just pile it up with junk, Clean it out every few weeks and the same applies to your school bag!

Folders or files are a great way of sorting your paper assignments and make sure you have a good stash of stationery with you each day. This is a great life tip for a teenage girl to make life less stressful.

Meeting Deadlines

If you follow my advice above about getting organized with your schoolwork, then hopefully you will find it easier to keep track of and meet deadlines.  Use a planner or a diary for assignments, or use your phone calendar to enter deadlines.

Don’t just add final deadlines either; if you know you often procrastinate before getting started, break down the assignment into smaller tasks.

My Top Tip is to Reward Yourself

School life can be tough and my best advice for a teenage girl is that it is vital that you take a break to relax and switch off when you can.  Spending time with family and friends is a great way to chill out.

Head outside for some fresh air and take your dog for a walk if you have one.  Reading in bed is a great way to wind down after a busy school day.

Advice For a Teenage Girl About Friendships

Advice For a Teenage Girl About Friendships

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Friendships for the Win: Life Advice for Teenage Girls

In my experience, your friends become like family during your teenage years. Friends understand what you are going through at school and socially and are often great at listening too. Friends can be a great distraction for having some fun and taking a break from schoolwork. 

Friendships Can Come and Go

Sometimes our high school friendships come to an end which can be stressful and upsetting if something negative like an argument has occurred. You may be able to give it some time and work it out with your friend and please know that it will be okay.

Parents are great to talk to about this as they will have had so many varied friendships in their lives to refer to when giving advice to you. If you miss your friend, then reach out to them and see if they want to reconnect.  

Advice For What to Do When Friendships Turn Sour

If you do have a friendship that is starting to become a negative relationship, take a step back and reflect on what has changed. If their behavior has changed, then ask them about it. They may be glad to talk to someone who knows them as well as you do.

If you feel it’s you that has changed, decide if you still want that friend in your life and explain to them how you are feeling. 

Advice For a Teenage Girl About Relationships

Advice For a Teenage Girl About Relationships

The Reality of Teenage Relationships

The truth is that relationships take effort and you need to be willing to take the lows with the highs. Be honest with your girlfriend or boyfriend and ask the same of them. This shows you respect them and want respect from them in return.

If you feel like your relationship is rushing ahead in any way, then ask to put the brakes on! 

Time Together vs Time Apart

In a relationship, at any age, it is important to give each other quality time together but also have time apart.

If you don’t have many shared interests, then use that time as your much-needed independent time alone or with other friends and family.

If you feel like your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t spend as much time with you as you would like, then it is important to discuss this with them. However, do keep in mind that they need to have their own independent time too and you should respect this.

Physical Relationships: Some Honest Advice

Depending on your age, how long you have been in your relationship, and often many other factors, you may be in a more physically intimate relationship than you have been before.

Always remember that there is no rush and you should not feel under pressure from your partner to become intimate. You don’t have to do something you’re not completely comfortable with just because your partner wants it, and if they can’t respect that, it’s time to kick them to the curb. And vice versa, you need to respect where your partner is at if they’re not ready, too.

Talk Over Things as a Couple

Don’t forget that there will be many people in your life who you can talk with for advice or discuss concerns with. If you ever feel unsafe, then leave the situation and tell an adult as soon as you can.

Your body is exactly that… yours. Your boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t a mind-reader and neither are you; being honest with your partner will help them to open up more with you too. 

Final Advice For a Teenage Girl: You Are Not Alone

The final, and perhaps some of the most important life advice for a teenage girl, is to talk things through with someone you trust. Talking about your feelings can really help you to process your thoughts and work out what to do next.

Although you have to walk your own path through the teenage years, there is nothing to say that you must take each step alone. Friends, parents, counselors, or a mental health professional can all be really helpful at helping you make sense of things. Just remember to stay true to yourself and figure out your own path along the way.

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