5 Tips to Write a Perfect Essay for College Students

For some students, writing an essay comes easy and naturally. For others, it takes a lot more work and effort. In either case, we’ve put together some useful tips to get you from the conceptual planning stages, all the way to crossing the finish line with an A+ essay.

Tip 1: Start With an Outline

The first step in writing an essay is to make a plan/outline. Here’s a simple process to create a plan that’ll help you break through writer’s block. After that, it’s just a matter of filling in the blanks.

  • Analyze your task: Read over the instructions for your essay to make sure you don’t get to the end and realize that you missed a crucial part.
  • Figure out your topic: Choose the topic and the focus of your essay. This seems simple, but it’s really important to have a clearly defined topic that you’re going to cover with the essay. Have a clear objective, to make sure that you achieve it.
  • Systematize your information: We’ll cover this more in-depth in the research section below, but essentially, having system to organize your information is crucial during the research phase and also while you’re writing and filling in the blanks to assemble your essay.
  • Get help from a pro: A college essay writing service can help you dial in your essay and get everything perfect. An experienced professional who has helped with countless essays is going to be able to help you take your essay to the next level.

Tip 2: Research Your College Essay

The research phase is very important, it sets the foundation for the information that you’re going to include in your essay. Make sure you’re taking notes as you go, and also keeping track of your sources so that you can properly source various claims from your essay as needed.

Taking great notes with a note app is really helpful. Notion.so is popular, but even a regular text pad can get the job done if you want something a lot simpler.


Tip 3: Create a Strong Outline

Your outline is basically how the information of your essay is going to be organized. Don’t just start writing and see where you end up, it’s a lot easier to plan out each section and this will also ensure you don’t leave out any crucial parts.

Tip 4: Write Your Draft

Make sure you give yourself enough time to make a proper draft. The key here is to not fall in love with your draft, don’t be afraid to chop out entire sections if they don’t contribute to the overall quality of the essay.

Some students have a bad habit of spending time on parts of the draft, then not wanting to remove it, even if it means the finished product will be better. Think of the whole thing as a process, and part of that process means trimming the fat for the overall betterment of your college essay.

Tip 5: Bring It All Together

Now, it’s time to actually write the essay, and if you’ve followed all of the previous steps, then it’s going to be a lot easier to actually write the essay.

When you plan and make a great outline, the rest of the essay comes together much more easily.

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