5 High School Student Jobs That Won’t Interfere Too Much With Your Studies

Getting your first job is a rewarding experience for many high school students, but it can be challenging balancing work with your academic obligations like classes and studying.

Luckily, there are a variety of part time opportunities available for teenagers who need a job with a flexible schedule but want to earn money and valuable work experience. 

1. Popular Student Job: Tutor 

If you excel in any of the core subject areas, a tutoring job is a great option for bringing in some extra cash on a flexible schedule. Whether you work privately or pick up shifts through a local learning centre, you will make a fair wage, and help another student succeed in school. Who knows? You might develop a passion for education through your work as a tutor. 

School tutoring is rewarding, and it can actually help your own studies by enforcing your knowledge in certain topics. Understanding what someone else is struggling with, and figuring out how to explain it to them in a way they’ll grasp, is fundamental in your own knowledge and learning.

This is one of the best student jobs, and it can look great on your resume down the road, too. Not only that, but you’re able to help your peers in a way that a teacher or an adult tutor won’t always be able to relate to them in.

2. Best Student Jobs: Yard Work

If you don’t mind manual labour and getting to know your neighbours, you can offer yard work services like lawn cleanup, grass mowing, or snow removal for a flat rate price. If you work hard and provide good service, word of mouth should help build a steady business.

You can listen to music or even podcasts while doing some yard work, which helps the time pass.

 3. Student Job: Lifeguard 

Lifeguard positions are popular among teenagers because it feels like you are getting paid to sit next to the pool or beach. However, this is an important job that requires lifeguard certification and first aid/CPR training. Don’t forget you might need to use these skills while on the job, so you will need to be confident and work well under pressure. Most of the time, everything is all good and going smoothly, but you could save a life if you rise to the challenge in a difficult moment so this needs to be taken very seriously.

4. Babysitting 

Babysitting jobs are a great choice for teenagers who enjoy being around children and have free time during the evening or on weekends when most parents would want a babysitter. While the pay is reasonable, babysitting isn’t a reliable source of income, unless you provide care for multiple families. 

If you haven’t taken one already, it’s recommended that teenagers take a babysitting course to learn the basics and how to respond in emergency situations.

5. Grocery Store Clerk 

Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, there is a good chance there is a grocery store nearby hiring to fill clerk positions. This position could include restocking shelves, taking inventory, or working the checkout, and scheduling is often flexible with short shifts throughout the week. It might not be the most glamorous job, but it’s reliable and could help open doors for a future career path in management.

Final Thoughts on Teenage Jobs for Students

There are a lot of jobs out there, and ideally you’ll find something that fits with your interests and your skill-sets but also don’t be afraid to apply for teen jobs that don’t necessarily fit that – it’s a good chance to try new things and the stakes are usually lower if you’re living at home and in school. You can try different types of jobs now to help find something you want to spend more of your life doing.

Mat Woods

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