3 Expensive Gift Ideas for Teenagers When Money is No Object

If you’re TikTok famous or you’ve inherited a lot of money, here are some gift ideas that you can give to people who are close to you. If you can’t afford luxurious gift ideas, don’t stress about it – sometimes a thoughtful card or a home-cooked meal is just as nice as a week in Bali at a resort.

In any case, here are some ideas for gifts that you can gift to people in your life.

4. Huge Gift Cards

Gift cards aren’t the most personal gift in the world, but they can be if you’re careful in choosing gift cards for teens that fit with their interests.

You could do a few gift cards for $100 each, or if it’s a store that you know the teenager in your life loves to shop at, you could go all-out and spend a lot on it. That’s if money is no object, of course, but you can probably come up with something a little more creative. Let’s check out some other ideas…

3. A Peloton Bike

peloton bike

Why buy a station bike for a few hundred dollars when you can get a trendy Peloton for thousands, with a monthly subscription on top of that?

Peloton bikes make great gifts because they can help someone improve their health and mood, especially during these times where many gyms are not open, or where many people simply prefer to stay home as much as possible.

Peleton has ran into some issues with some bad press recently, but they’ve also released some new monthly subscription plans that can make it more affordable, and when the person you give it to stops using you, you can simply return the bike.

2. A Visit to a Diamond Retailer

You can always buy someone a diamond, but letting them choose their own diamond is next level. Whether it’s a ring, a necklace, or something else – it’s thoughtful for you to pick it out, but giving someone carte blanche to choose their own is an interesting twist on things.

“After working with some of the best diamond retailers around the world, I learned that everyone has their own style and taste in diamonds and jewelry,” says Martin from Executive Ice.

Diamonds can vary in price quite a bit depending on which diamond retailers you visit, including online and in-person options. You can find some better prices online, and tons of selection.

1. A Dream Vacation

Imagine getting a gift certificate for travel, that allows you to go anywhere you want. That’s such an amazing gift. It’s the gift of freedom and adventure. Some people enjoy experiences and memories more than material possessions, and so the gift for someone who can buy anything they want, is the encouragement to travel. Let them pick their dream vacation for you and them, and you’ll make memories for life and you’ll give someone one thing that they can’t just get for themselves.

Do you have any other ideas?

Do you have any other suggestions for expensive gift ideas? What is your dream gift, what would you want someone to give you if money was no object? Leave a comment and let us know – it might help spark some ideas for other people for are browsing this site and looking for expensive, fancy, and luxurious gift ideas.

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